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How to Deliver Your Business’s Core Values

When the company was just a few years old, tech mega-giant Google penned an article on their company's philosophy: "Ten things we know to be true." And, as they suggest on their current About page, they continually check-in to ensure they are holding themselves accountable to these core values they started the company on. In fact, they even encourage their clients to hold them accountable to these core values, as well. And while Google is by no means a perfect organization, this is one of the main reasons why it, to us, is an extremely respectable company. It holds and…
Kendra Guidolin
29 August 2023
Two hands are holding a black clipboard with a resume printed out and clipped to it. The resume has a picture of Olivia Wilson, and has her name and other resume features on it.

How Using Candidate Personas Can Improve Recruiting

As with many job functions these days, recruiting is one that is becoming an increasingly competitive one. Nevertheless, as with many industries, Human Resources and recruitment are also being made increasingly productive and speedy with the use of AI and other forms of technology. And creating candidate personas is no exception to the ways AI is improving recruitment and hiring processes. But what are candidate personas? How can they benefit your recruitment process? And how can you create one with technology? We cover it all in this blog post! What Is a Candidate Persona? In recruitment and other hiring practices,…
Kendra Guidolin
24 August 2023
A woman is sitting at a desk in a dark room in her home. Her desk is only lit by a small work lamp and a thin LED strip over her monitors. She has two large screens on her desk under the LED light, and a laptop in front of those screens. She also has a potted plant, a mouse, and some books on her desk. She is facing the monitors, so her face is not shown.
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5 Tech Skills Workers Want to Hone

As numerous LinkedIn News stories have shown this week alone, artificial intelligence (AI) is back in the news with updates on how it is affecting businesses and economies world-wide. And as such, many are honing in on the very tech skills workers in AI-related industries use regularly. In an article on how AI is reshaping Canada's workforce, Senior News Editor Riva Gold reports that an increasing amount of Canadians are acknowledging the increased presence of AI in the workplace. In another article, Editor Emma W. Thorne reports that, according to the CEO and chairman of IBM Arvind Krishna, AI will…
Kendra Guidolin
24 August 2023
A business man is walking across an empty street at a crosswalk. He is wearing dark trousers, black socks and dress shoes, a light coloured button-up shirt tucked into a black leather belt, a wrist watch, and a tie. He is carrying a black brief case and his black blazer over his shoulder. His head and shoulders are not in shot, but behind him; there are empty streets out of focus behind him.
Leaders' advice

4 Steps toward a Successful Path in Sales

Amidst the ever-fluctuating landscapes of industries and economies, the role of a salesperson stands as an enduring pillar of opportunity and influence. In a realm where risk and reward dance hand in hand, the allure of a successful sales career remains steadfast. As the year 2023 unfolds, the stage is set for individuals to embrace the art of persuasion and engagement like never before. In this era of transformative change, the formula for achieving sales success has evolved, transcending conventional wisdom to encompass a synthesis of knowledge, skills, and individual disposition. So, what is this formula, and how might you…
Kendra Guidolin
22 August 2023
Two women are sitting on a sofa in an office setting. One of them is holding a clipboard with a resume on it that says Olivia Wilson with a picture of the woman sitting next to her. The two women are shaking hands, facing each other while seated. The camera is placed at the back of the sofa, so just part of their profiles are visible, but they look happy.
Career adviceRecruitment

The Best Business Development Practices for Recruiters

With the great fluctuations in the job market we saw in 2020 and 2021 came a high demand for talent and thus for recruiters. In 2022, as Jack Kelly writes for Forbes, businesses were struggling to find enough workers to meet the new demands at their companies, and as such, are constantly looking for solutions. Now, however, the need for recruiters seems to have dropped back down, demonstrating both the great waves this industry sees and the need for business development practices that you can carry out beyond temporary booms. Just as Greg Savage states in “17 Selling Tips for…
Kendra Guidolin
18 August 2023
A young woman is sitting in her living room on the floor with her back against the sofa, typing on her laptop in her lap. She has a word-processing document open and is typing on the keyboard. She is wearing a white button-up shirt, black trousers, and large, black, thin glasses.
Career advice

4 Tricks for Writing a Perfect Cover Letter for Any Job

These days, applying for many jobs is as easy as clicking two buttons (thank you, Easy Apply on LinkedIn!). But what about the cases where Easy Apply is not an option? What about applications that ask for not only a stellar resume, but also the perfect cover letter and thorough work sample, or even a full professional portfolio?  It can be a lot to take on, especially if you're desperate and want to apply to numerous job postings. Many, in these cases especially, feel the need to skip the cover letter, since it's arguably the most time-consuming—having to personalize and…
Kendra Guidolin
17 August 2023
A man and woman are standing in a grey, modern space with crockery and other kitchenware items in front of them on a table just off screen. The man is selling the woman items, and both are smiling; the woman looks invested in what she is being sold. They are both in business casual clothing and look relaxed.
Leaders' advice

What It Takes to Succeed in Sales: Tips from Stu Schlackman

It's no surprise that many who succeed in sales are competitive by nature—they want to win, and as such, they act quick on their feet to do so. And for many decades, salespeople have been perceived—and even depicted in literature and media—as being pushy, charismatic, and working well under high-pressure. But what many forget or fail to recognize is that not all customers respond to the same kind of sales techniques. In fact, some of the best salespeople in the world base their sales approach on each individual customer. And countless who have been in the industry for long enough…
Kendra Guidolin
15 August 2023
A Black woman is dressed in light teal medical scrubs, a winter parka, a grey leopard print scrub cap, a clear face shield, clear medical glasses, and medical gloves. She is holding a cup of coffee and a tote bag and is leaving a subway car at a station.

Job Market Trends So Far in 2023

For many months following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, economists and business experts alike made projections about what the future held for the economy and the job market. And many, for good reason, anticipated a massive recession in 2022 to 2023. But, of course, only time would tell what the actual repercussions of the onset of the pandemic would have years later. Having just passed the mid-year mark in 2023, now's a better time than ever to consider these results—now that the numbers are in. Here are the mid-2023 results, according to a recent report from Yoh written by…
Kendra Guidolin
11 August 2023


Ghost applicants

Ghosting job applicants to become illegal in Ontario?

8 May 2024
The practice of job ghosting by companies may soon be outlawed in Ontario. The provincial government is spearheading legislative changes to penalize exploitative employers by proposing to elevate the maximum fines for violating the Employment Standards Act (ESA) to the highest level in Canada. The proposed ESA amendments will mandate larger employers to provide application status updates to interviewed job seekers. They must also disclose in publicly advertised job postings whether a position is currently available or intended to build future candidate pipelines. ESA violations also encompass failure to pay wages, discrimination against employees for taking pregnancy or parental leave, and…
The top employee value-propositions for attracting Gen Z

The Top Employee Value Propositions for Attracting Gen Z

17 April 2024
Explore innovative strategies for attracting Gen Z talent. Gain valuable insights for your talent acquisition playbook.

Navigating the Evolution of Leadership in the Age of AI

9 April 2024
Explore the transformative potential of AI in leadership with Workwolf. Discover strategies for navigating the evolving business landscape while embracing AI as a catalyst for growth and innovation.

Empowering the Future: Unveiling the Essence of Hiring Young Talent

4 April 2024
Explore how companies can navigate the challenges of hiring young talent without extensive experience, focusing on personality traits and potential rather than traditional metrics. Learn about tailored strategies, internship programs, and mentorship initiatives that empower and cultivate the next generation of workforce innovators.
4 Essential Traits to Look for When Hiring Sales Professionals

4 Essential Traits to Look for When Hiring Sales Professionals

20 March 2024
Explore essential traits for hiring top sales professionals and uncover them with our powerful career fit assessment.
How to attract and hire RIBO licensed insurance brokers

How to attract and hire RIBO Licensed Insurance Brokers

13 March 2024
Learn how to craft a job description for RIBO licensed brokers & streamline hiring with Workwolf. Find top talent efficiently!
Leaders' advice

Navigating Sales Training and Development: Insights from a Seasoned Expert

12 February 2024
Explore the dynamic intersection of leadership, learning, and sales in the home improvement industry through the seasoned insights of Chris Boswell. Uncover strategies for effective sales training and development, as Boswell shares his wealth of experience and emphasizes the human touch in every interaction.
Leaders' advice

Revitalizing Sales Teams: Stuart Chant’s Transformative Approach Unveiled

5 February 2024
Explore Stuart Chant's seasoned approach to transforming underperforming sales teams. Discover how he identifies strengths, integrates AI for practical insights, and fosters people-centric leadership, unveiling a holistic strategy for sales success.
Leaders' advice

Mastering Digital Marketing: Unveiling Sales Strategies with Aaron Krygier

4 January 2024
Delve into the world of digital marketing mastery with seasoned Sales Account Manager, Aaron Krygier, boasting over 12 years of experience at Main Street Host.

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