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5 Tips to Upgrade Your Resume

In order to showcase all you have to offer your next employer, you may need to update and upgrade your resume. Here are some tips you can use to give your job applications the *zhuzh* they need to really stand out and shine!
Erik Simins
15 February 2021


Career adviceRecruitment

5 Questions Recruiters Should Ask For a Better Job Interview

24 November 2021
Who's hiring and who's looking to be hired? In the past two days, over 19,000 LinkedIn users have been looking at companies who are currently hiring in Canada. This means thousands of workers will be looking to join companies in the following weeks and months. From those looking to change their career path entirely following the Great Resignation of 2021, to those ready to return to an in-person setting, workers are sure to be heading your way for their next job interview very shortly. So, how will you make the most of this wave of workers who are potentially headed…

How to Expedite References and Letters of Recommendation

17 November 2021
For recruiters and employers, one of the most time-consuming and tedious processes is waiting for information about a candidate. However, it's one of the most important steps. After all, the days of taking someone's word for their abilities are long-gone. And while most talent acquisition and hiring professionals do perform background checks on their candidates before making an official job offer, sometimes that is not enough to truly know how someone works and behaves in a particular setting. You need to be able to have references and letters of recommendation at the ready to make good hiring decisions. So, how…

How a Job Seeker Got an Interview with a Rick-Rolling Resume

11 November 2021
Resume keyword stuffing isn't new, but neither is the traditional filtration and hiring process. For one to change, the other needs to too!

How to Stop Over-Interviewing Under-Qualified Candidates

4 November 2021
Interviewing has never been easier to do with Workwolf's comprehensive business platform built for employers and recruiters alike.
Career adviceRecruitment

What’s at the Root of the Great Resignation 2021

27 October 2021
What is at the root of all of these resignations that are changing the employment market, and how can you navigate these changes to stay afloat?

A No-Perspire Hire: Why You Should Replace Your Resume Reader with Workwolf

20 October 2021
Are you ready to ditch your traditional resume reading tools and swap your resume reading practices for Workwolf's comprehensive Digital Work Passport and its filtration processes? Continue reading to find out for yourself!

Are You a Micro-Manager? The Top Skills for Successful Executives

13 October 2021
All about management skills, and how to tell if you're doing your duty as a manager.

Our Top 3 Tips to Update Your Interview Process

6 October 2021
Our favorite tips to help you improve your interview process as an employer, recruiter, talent acquisition manager, or career coach.

Employer Branding: 8 Tips for Improving Your Reputation

29 September 2021
The best tips and tricks to help employers like you improve your personal and company's branding.

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