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Workwolf’s Trusted Business coaches

Grow your business the right way with an innovative and experienced business coach. Workwolf partners with trusted business coaches and consultants who provide expert guidance to take your business to the next level. Browse our curated list below!

Business coaches

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Better Way Coaching

$0 /Through Connecting, Coaching & Consulting, their Team of Business Advisors & Consultants is committed to providing small to mid-sized businesses with a "Better Way" to Build a Thriving Business!

R&R Business Consulting

$0 /R&R Business Consultants Canada is a boutique business consulting firm that focuses on helping SMB businesses achieve their goals.

RAD Potential

$0 /RAD Potential offers solutions and services to make your hiring better. We offer pre-employment testing, recruitment marketing services and digital learning content to help you attract more quality hires.

Recruitment Marketing Partners

$0 /Recruitment Marketing Partners enhances your employer brand to attract the right talent with the right message at the right place and time.

Smart Work

$0 /They provide smart companies with superior solutions for the entire talent management lifecycle, from pre-hire selection to post-hire development and even career transition—using predictive tools and processes, leading to reduced employee turnover and successful performance.

Sonder Insights

$0 /Their goal is to work with people to gain actionable insights to drive exponential growth for your company. The company has access to many business experts that allow them to stay versatile for any problem set's they might run into with their clients.

The Magic of Selling

$0 /Embracing the Art and Science of Selling: A Pathway to Unprecedented Success.

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