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As a business, one of the best practices you can implement is supporting a local sports team or activity. Certainly, offering a local team your financial support can be beneficial for brand-name recognition. But a sponsorship can mean so much more to the community—and your organization’s workers—than just that which money can buy.

Sponsorships can offer staff members a sense of collective belonging and a way to give back to the community in ways that they may not have otherwise have had.

This 2023 season, Workwolf is the Toronto High Park Football Club (THPFC)’s gold-level sponsor for the 2008 Boys Ontario Player Development League (OPDL)—a team we particularly love to support because of the special place they hold in the hearts of our staff members. And as a surprise, last week, they showed us some love right back.

It was last Friday that the 2008 Boys OPDL surprised Workwolf staff with their own jerseys as a thank you for supporting their team throughout the season.

Toronto High Park Football Club’s Thank You for Sponsorship

The 2008 Boys team is part of the Ontario Player Development League (OPDL), a high-performance league for young players dedicated to the sport with top-level competition and high-performance training standards. And the THPFC is truly indicative of the high standards this league has for its players.

And this, as Chief Revenue Officer Stephen Brennan, is precisely why we at Workwolf love supporting this team.

“As a tech start-up helping our clients hire quality talent easier, we know it starts with identifying the passion and knowledge at the beginning. That’s why we partnered with Toronto High Park FC and more specifically the 2008 Boy’s OPDL team,” Brennan says, “to support the boys doing what they love. Competitive sports teaches discipline, commitment  and collaboration, all great skills to start building in our youth and our community.”

As a special thank you for our sponsorship, the league kindly gifted the Workwolf team with our very own jerseys—complete with our logo front and centre.

Toronto High Park Football Club’s Thank You for Sponsorship

Special thank you to the 2008 Boys league’s team, coach, and coordinators for such a kind surprise. We can’t wait to don our jerseys to the next game the 2008 Boys OPDL play.


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