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What is a Digital Work Passport?

Workwolf’s Digital Work Passport is a verifiable resume that provides employers and recruiters with authenticated records that are available to view in real-time.

A candidate’s Digital Work Passport stores all verified workplace relevant material including details of previous employment, academic history, licenses and certifications, as well as identification records, driver’s abstracts, credit strength rankings, validated references, and more. It is entirely stored online via blockchain technology, and as such, remains tamper-proof on both the candidate and viewer’s ends. A candidate can purchase individual or package verifications to build up their Digital Work Passport and share the credentials once they come back verified from our credential issuer, Certn. If the information submitted is not properly filled out or contains incorrect information, the credential will not be verified.

How do I get a Digital Work Passport?

To create your Digital Work Passport, all you need to do is create a free Workwolf personal account. A personal account, as opposed to a business account, is one that a candidate or job seeker will create and use to build their Digital Work Passport, as well as complete their Packfinder assessment.

How do I share my Digital Work Passport and verifiable credentials?

You can share individual or groups of verified credentials by signing into your Workwolf account and clicking the tab that says “Digital Work Passport” at the top of the page. Within that tab, you will see a button that says “share”. You’ll then be able to choose which credentials you’d like to share and with whom by entering their email.

How do I use my discount code to purchase verification services?

To use a discount code, make sure to add the verification processes you’d like to have performed to your shopping cart, then before checking out, enter your discount code in the section below your checkout total and click “apply”. Your total will then reduce by the discount amount, and you will be able to continue the process after that. 

What credentials can I have verified?

Our credential verifications are becoming more and more comprehensive as we continue to grow. We currently offer package or individually purchasable services including the following: identity verification, social media scan, employment verification, academic verification, credit strength check, and license/certification verification. As well, since these verifications can be more or less useful to have depending on your field of work or position, we provide a free comprehensive career fit assessment to aid in any further job seeking decisions you may have.

What is Packfinder?

Packfinder is a career fit assessment designed and supported by Self Management Group that is free to use for all Workwolf users.

How do I get my free career fit assessment?

All that is needed to take Workwolf’s free career fit assessment called Packfinder is a free Workwolf account. Once you register, confirm your account via an email sent to you from our end, and log into our platform, you’ll be prompted immediately to take Packfinder.

If you don’t have time to do it when you first log in, or would prefer to take it later, you can always find it again on your dashboard page or in your Digital Work Passport under the section called Free Packfinder or Packfinder, personality assessment.

What happens if my credential check comes back with an error?

If your credential comes back from our issuer with an error, that means there was either a mistake made when you filled out the information required in the form, or certain specifics of your information was not verifiable from the source. When your credentials come back from our credential issuer, there will be notes attached to the item that was not verified explaining where the error occurred.

If I go by a different name than my full name, can I still have my identity verified?

To ensure your identity is verified correctly and safely, we require your full legal name to be entered into the identity verification process on our platform. You can change or update your legal name by logging into your account and clicking on the top right-hand icon, then clicking “My Profile”.

I can’t sign in to my Workwolf account.

When signing up, make sure to double check you’re registering for the type of account you’re looking for. If you’re a job seeker, you’ll want a Workwolf personal account, where you can build your Digital Work Passport and complete your free Packfinder assessment.

If you’re a recruiter or employer from a company who is looking for candidates, you’ll want a Workwolf business account, which allows you to preset benchmarks to automate your filtration process, as well as view candidate information, and provide candidates with custom links for codes that provide top ranking candidates with discounted verification packages.

If you haven’t received an email at the address used in signing up that is confirming your registration, please try again, or reach out to a team member if you have further difficulties.


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