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Recruitment solutions for talent acquisition

Now, verified data records can be shared seamlessly in real-time between candidates and employers, removing aggravation from the hiring process.

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Improve your hiring speed, accuracy & filtration

Candidate/employer matching algorithms

You can’t tell how someone is going to perform in a position by the claims on their resume or how they interview. You need a better way to identify “fit” before you hire.

With Packfinder, you can accurately predict performance outcome for every job applicant with technology that filters and ranks them based on personality traits that fit your job requirements and culture. Then, with the Digital Work Passport, you can authenticate their credentials before a job offer.

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The Digital Work Passport is powerful… very powerful

Know your applicants before you hire them

60% of resumes have inaccurate data, making it very hard to filter applicants effectively. By developing technology that makes verified employment-centric records tamperproof and portable, we’ve made your life a lot easier.

It’s like having the police, government, previous employers and post-secondary educators as part of your talent acquisition team, all helping you to screen out applicants when they first apply.

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Pre-verify your top candidates

Grow your talent pool of qualified candidates

Pre-filtered, high-quality candidates benchmarked against your top performers

The AlphaBoard – An employer/professional marketplace providing access to a growing talent pool of passive candidate who are pre-screened to match the personality attributes of your best performing employees. (coming soon)

The Digital Work Passport is Powerful

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