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Easy for employers to find you and hire you

The toughest job for employers is to filter through hundreds of applicants. Upgrade the status of your resume overnight and bypass the applicant line with your Digital Work Passport.

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What recruiters are saying about Packfinder

"Having spent nearly 20 years in talent analytics and consulting, I know that the best careers are those that are made for you. The Packfinder assessment is the number one way to discover your ideal career path and leverage your full potential."

Robert DouganIndependent Senior Consultant, Self Management Group

"Unbelievable. This process helped me pick better employees faster!"

Steven ConnorPresident, R&R Business Consultants Inc.

Bypass the applicant line with our Digital Work Passport

Having your credentials verified means having a job application that is trustworthy. Make your job application stand out with your Workwolf Digital Work Passport—your digital resume with verifiable credentials that are accessible to view in real-time.

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The average employer looks at a resume for only 7 seconds. Verifiable resumes are the best way to stand out and show employers and recruiters that you’re trustworthy.

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Upgrade the status of your resume and professional profile overnight.

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Now it’s easy for employers to find you and hire you

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Now it’s easy for employers to find you and hire you

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