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Workwolf's headquarters
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Workwolf: The next wave of hiring software is enabling blockchain at a commercial level

25 April 2022
Workwolf was featured in the inaugural edition of INNOVATE Toronto.
Erik Simins
Press & Media

Erik Simins: Harnessing Technology for Solving Business Challenges

6 December 2021
Erik Simins, CEO of Workwolf, was featured as one of the World's 10 Best Performing CEOs to Watch in 2021, by World's Leaders.
How to Expedite References and Letters of Recommendation

How to Expedite References and Letters of Recommendation

17 November 2021
Checking references is a time-consuming and tedious process. Hire smarter with pre-verified letters of recommendation from Workwolf.
Two people are closing a job interview with a handshake. There is a resume on the table below, and both people are wearing sport jackets and shirts.

How to Stop Over-Interviewing Under-Qualified Candidates

4 November 2021
Interviewing has never been easier to do with Workwolf's comprehensive business platform built for employers and recruiters alike.
Career Fit Assessments Made Smart
Press & Media

Career Fit Assessments Made Smart: Workwolf and Self Management Group Combine Forces to Create Unbeatable Tech

4 November 2021
Workwolf and Self Management Group pair psychometrics and top tech for candidate success.
Replace Your Resume Reader

A No-Perspire Hire: Why You Should Replace Your Resume Reader with Workwolf

20 October 2021
Are you ready to ditch your traditional resume reading tools and swap your resume reading practices for Workwolf's comprehensive Digital Work Passport and its filtration processes? Continue reading to find out for yourself!
Update Your Interview Process

Our Top 3 Tips to Update Your Interview Process

6 October 2021
Our favorite tips to help you improve your interview process as an employer, recruiter, talent acquisition manager, or career coach.
Workwolf: The Next-Gen Staffing Solution
Press & Media

Workwolf: The Next-Gen Staffing Solution

20 September 2021
Workwolf was chosen one of the 10 disruptive blockchain companies in 2021, by Aspioneer.
Erik Simins, at the Vivatech Awards

Vive La Technologie: Workwolf takes home the gold at Manpowergroup’s start-up challenge in France

2 September 2021
Workwolf and CEO Erik Simins Wins First Place at ManpowerGroup’s Challenge in ‘Automating Recruitment’ at the 2021 VivaTechnology Conference .

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