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A salesperson is shaking the hand of another person wearing a lab coat or long blazer with a button-up underneath it. They are both standing in a modern-looking office in front of a large window that looks onto a cityscape. Only their arms are in the shot, along with a desk that holds a laptop, a clipboard, folders, and other paperwork.
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Take Your Sales Career beyond Just Selling

With sales as competitive and a company's success as critical as ever before, we at Workwolf have been diving into ways you can improve your sales tactics. And one of the most common themes that comes up time and again is the need for going beyond just selling in the sales industry. Keith Snowden, for one, has been working in the med-tech industry for over 20 years and recognizes "This is not selling widgets" when it comes to live-saving technology. "What you're dealing with," he says, "is a very customer-concentric and patient-concentric business, which requires a high degree of technology…
Kendra Guidolin
19 October 2023
Two businessmen are facing each other, shaking hands and smiling gently. There is one other person looking on at them shaking hands. They are all in a neutral, contemporary-looking office space with a modern, wooden, warm-toned lamp in the background and light, clean walls.
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The Top 4 Tricks for Sales Managers

When Lara, our internet marketing consultant, meets with Dan Hollis over Microsoft Teams, one thing becomes immediately clear—just as his website suggests—"Some people are just born to sell." With years of experience in radio and media, Hollis has an enchanting ability to instantly connect with his audiences and capture their attention. But of course, like the art of magic itself, sales is not inherently all innate, even in those meant for the industry. With over 30 years of experience in sales, Hollis has seen it all and knows what it takes to truly master the art of sales, including the ability…
Kendra Guidolin
13 October 2023
A woman is sitting at a long, wooden desk facing three other people, all of whom are dressed in business casual. The woman is facing one man at the end of the desk, shaking his hand. He is smiling at her, and the other two people at the table are looking at them shake hands.

4 of the Best Ways to Personalize Your Hiring Process

In September alone, 64,000 new positions—as Jessy Bains reports for LinkedIn News—were added to the Canadian job market. And while this is three times more than the expected 20,000 economists anticipated, it is still below pre-pandemic job rates. And it is crucial to note that these jobs were added predominantly within transportation, warehouse, and education industries. Meanwhile, numbers of positions in real estate, finance and insurance, construction, information, and recreation continue to fall. So, especially if you're looking to hire in the latter industries, how can you increase the likelihood of catching the eyes of top talent? We recommend personalizing…
Kendra Guidolin
11 October 2023
A white man is standing at the front of a conference room before a room full of people sitting around a large table, all of whom are dressed in corporate business attire. The man is writing on a white board at the front of the room. Others seated at the table are watching intently and are making notes on paper in front of them.
Leaders' advice

The Keys to Keeping a Captivated Client

Whether you're pitching a product, service, or idea, mastering the art of engagement can significantly impact your sales outcomes. Just ask Craig Kohler, a sales consultant at TKK Electronics in Wisconsin. Kohler, who happens to also be a teacher in his free time, has been in sales for over 40 years. And naturally, he's seen all the ways a sale can go right and all the ways a sale can go awry. Our marketing consultant Lara recently sat down with the sales consultant-extraordinaire to find out what it takes to have such an illustrious career in sales and how the sales…
Kendra Guidolin
28 September 2023
A Black woman sitting on the floor of her living room is working on her laptop. She has some paperwork and stationary items on the floor beside her. She is dressed in business casual clothing in neutral and pastel colours that match the tones of her boho interior design. She is smiling while working on her laptop.

Does Your EVP Support Your Business Long-Term?

It's been said time and again that the pandemic has taught many employees the importance of being adaptable and agile in the workforce in order to anticipate changes as abrupt and sudden as the ones we all faced in 2020. But what many overlook or forget from this lesson is that employers themselves too must remain agile in anticipation of rapid and drastic change. After all, the job market is changing drastically regularly, and with demands for in-office work on the rise once more, it is sure to fluctuate even more this quarter. So, how do you remain agile as…
Kendra Guidolin
21 September 2023
A man and woman—both dressed in business casual attire—are shaking hands in a modern office with tall wooden bookcases and concrete walls. The woman is smiling gently while firmly shaking the man's hand.
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Build Lasting Relationships with Your Sales Clients

It's no secret that many of the most successful salespeople in the world are those who build meaningful relationships with their clients/customers. Many gain huge followings and receive referrals to friends and family members countless times over because of the great rapport they have built with their audiences. And certainly, doing so takes a certain kind of person: someone who is confident, captivating, and caring about their clients. But just like any other professional skill, doing so always also requires practice! So, how do you build lasting relationships with your clients/customers? Our marketing administrator Lara took to LinkedIn to find…
Kendra Guidolin
13 September 2023
Three workers are introducing each other to a new employee. The new employee and two others are standing, shaking hands and making introductions. The third employee is sitting at a desk in front of them, turning back to say hello to the new employee. They are all dressed in business casual and are in a minimal office space with only a few papers and a computer nearby.

3 Ways Using AI Can Improve Your Onboarding Process

In previous blogs, we've explored how you can more equitably and more efficiently find top-ranking candidates using AI and cutting-edge tech, as we here at Workwolf do. But, of course, the hiring process doesn't end there. In fact, a 2017 Career Builder report showed that 2 in 5 HR professionals who complete onboarding tasks manually spend 3 or more hours on collecting new employee data (per employee) alone. And while, as previously stated in another blog of ours, it cannot replace recruiters and hiring professionals, certainly, AI can improve your onboarding process. Read on to find out how you can…
Kendra Guidolin
8 September 2023
A man is sitting at his desk in an ergonomic chair with a headrest that comes to the back of his neck. He's facing an open laptop and is looking pensively in the distance just above the laptop screen. His hands are clasped in thought, and he has a writing utensil in his hands. He's dressed in a button-up shirt, a charcoal blazer, and a smart-looking wrist watch. His beard is tidy and cleanly shaven.

Rethinking Rejection: 3 Steps for Candidate Success

Rejection is a crucial part of life: it's where we learn and make the most growth as both workers and human beings overall. But, perhaps because it's not often treated as a step in growth—or perhaps because it's simply an uncomfortable feeling—rejections are not always offered as meaningfully as they should be. Certainly, there is an art to rejecting candidates. It all starts, in fact, by rethinking rejection. That is, rethinking what it means to receive rejection and to reject a candidate so the rejection can highlight not where they failed to meet expectations, but rather opportunities for further growth.…
Kendra Guidolin
1 September 2023
A man and woman are sitting at a wooden table in an office space. The man is looking at the woman's resume, which is clipped to a clipboard. The woman is watching the man review her resume, smiling gently. They are both in corporate workwear.

3 Ways AI Can Never Replace Recruiters

In the past two days alone, ChatGPT, one of the world's most popular AI platforms, was featured in two main LinkedIn News articles—one of which detailed that OpenAI, the company behind the platform, is projected to hit $1 billion in revenue within the next year. Already, as of June 2023, the platform has reportedly hit over 100 billion visits. And as the platform continues to gain traction, so too does its AI tech—that is, the more users who use the platform, the more it continues to evolve and improve in its responses. And still, there are certain processes that many…
Kendra Guidolin
31 August 2023


Ghost applicants

Ghosting job applicants to become illegal in Ontario?

8 May 2024
The practice of job ghosting by companies may soon be outlawed in Ontario. The provincial government is spearheading legislative changes to penalize exploitative employers by proposing to elevate the maximum fines for violating the Employment Standards Act (ESA) to the highest level in Canada. The proposed ESA amendments will mandate larger employers to provide application status updates to interviewed job seekers. They must also disclose in publicly advertised job postings whether a position is currently available or intended to build future candidate pipelines. ESA violations also encompass failure to pay wages, discrimination against employees for taking pregnancy or parental leave, and…
The top employee value-propositions for attracting Gen Z

The Top Employee Value Propositions for Attracting Gen Z

17 April 2024
Explore innovative strategies for attracting Gen Z talent. Gain valuable insights for your talent acquisition playbook.

Navigating the Evolution of Leadership in the Age of AI

9 April 2024
Explore the transformative potential of AI in leadership with Workwolf. Discover strategies for navigating the evolving business landscape while embracing AI as a catalyst for growth and innovation.

Empowering the Future: Unveiling the Essence of Hiring Young Talent

4 April 2024
Explore how companies can navigate the challenges of hiring young talent without extensive experience, focusing on personality traits and potential rather than traditional metrics. Learn about tailored strategies, internship programs, and mentorship initiatives that empower and cultivate the next generation of workforce innovators.
4 Essential Traits to Look for When Hiring Sales Professionals

4 Essential Traits to Look for When Hiring Sales Professionals

20 March 2024
Explore essential traits for hiring top sales professionals and uncover them with our powerful career fit assessment.
How to attract and hire RIBO licensed insurance brokers

How to attract and hire RIBO Licensed Insurance Brokers

13 March 2024
Learn how to craft a job description for RIBO licensed brokers & streamline hiring with Workwolf. Find top talent efficiently!
Leaders' advice

Navigating Sales Training and Development: Insights from a Seasoned Expert

12 February 2024
Explore the dynamic intersection of leadership, learning, and sales in the home improvement industry through the seasoned insights of Chris Boswell. Uncover strategies for effective sales training and development, as Boswell shares his wealth of experience and emphasizes the human touch in every interaction.
Leaders' advice

Revitalizing Sales Teams: Stuart Chant’s Transformative Approach Unveiled

5 February 2024
Explore Stuart Chant's seasoned approach to transforming underperforming sales teams. Discover how he identifies strengths, integrates AI for practical insights, and fosters people-centric leadership, unveiling a holistic strategy for sales success.
Leaders' advice

Mastering Digital Marketing: Unveiling Sales Strategies with Aaron Krygier

4 January 2024
Delve into the world of digital marketing mastery with seasoned Sales Account Manager, Aaron Krygier, boasting over 12 years of experience at Main Street Host.

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