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A Black woman sitting on the floor of her living room is working on her laptop. She has some paperwork and stationary items on the floor beside her. She is dressed in business casual clothing in neutral and pastel colours that match the tones of her boho interior design. She is smiling while working on her laptop.

Does Your EVP Support Your Business Long-Term?

21 September 2023
It's been said time and again that the pandemic has taught many employees the importance of being adaptable and agile in the workforce in order to anticipate changes as abrupt and sudden as the ones we all faced in 2020. But what many overlook or forget from this lesson is that employers themselves too must remain agile in anticipation of rapid and drastic change. After all, the job market is changing drastically regularly, and with demands for in-office work on the rise once more, it is sure to fluctuate even more this quarter. So, how do you remain agile as…
A man and woman—both dressed in business casual attire—are shaking hands in a modern office with tall wooden bookcases and concrete walls. The woman is smiling gently while firmly shaking the man's hand.
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Build Lasting Relationships with Your Sales Clients

13 September 2023
It's no secret that many of the most successful salespeople in the world are those who build meaningful relationships with their clients/customers. Many gain huge followings and receive referrals to friends and family members countless times over because of the great rapport they have built with their audiences. And certainly, doing so takes a certain kind of person: someone who is confident, captivating, and caring about their clients. But just like any other professional skill, doing so always also requires practice! So, how do you build lasting relationships with your clients/customers? Our marketing administrator Lara took to LinkedIn to find…
Three workers are introducing each other to a new employee. The new employee and two others are standing, shaking hands and making introductions. The third employee is sitting at a desk in front of them, turning back to say hello to the new employee. They are all dressed in business casual and are in a minimal office space with only a few papers and a computer nearby.

3 Ways Using AI Can Improve Your Onboarding Process

8 September 2023
In previous blogs, we've explored how you can more equitably and more efficiently find top-ranking candidates using AI and cutting-edge tech, as we here at Workwolf do. But, of course, the hiring process doesn't end there. In fact, a 2017 Career Builder report showed that 2 in 5 HR professionals who complete onboarding tasks manually spend 3 or more hours on collecting new employee data (per employee) alone. And while, as previously stated in another blog of ours, it cannot replace recruiters and hiring professionals, certainly, AI can improve your onboarding process. Read on to find out how you can…
A man is sitting at his desk in an ergonomic chair with a headrest that comes to the back of his neck. He's facing an open laptop and is looking pensively in the distance just above the laptop screen. His hands are clasped in thought, and he has a writing utensil in his hands. He's dressed in a button-up shirt, a charcoal blazer, and a smart-looking wrist watch. His beard is tidy and cleanly shaven.

Rethinking Rejection: 3 Steps for Candidate Success

1 September 2023
Rejection is a crucial part of life: it's where we learn and make the most growth as both workers and human beings overall. But, perhaps because it's not often treated as a step in growth—or perhaps because it's simply an uncomfortable feeling—rejections are not always offered as meaningfully as they should be. Certainly, there is an art to rejecting candidates. It all starts, in fact, by rethinking rejection. That is, rethinking what it means to receive rejection and to reject a candidate so the rejection can highlight not where they failed to meet expectations, but rather opportunities for further growth.…
A man and woman are sitting at a wooden table in an office space. The man is looking at the woman's resume, which is clipped to a clipboard. The woman is watching the man review her resume, smiling gently. They are both in corporate workwear.

3 Ways AI Can Never Replace Recruiters

31 August 2023
In the past two days alone, ChatGPT, one of the world's most popular AI platforms, was featured in two main LinkedIn News articles—one of which detailed that OpenAI, the company behind the platform, is projected to hit $1 billion in revenue within the next year. Already, as of June 2023, the platform has reportedly hit over 100 billion visits. And as the platform continues to gain traction, so too does its AI tech—that is, the more users who use the platform, the more it continues to evolve and improve in its responses. And still, there are certain processes that many…
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How to Deliver Your Business’s Core Values

29 August 2023
When the company was just a few years old, tech mega-giant Google penned an article on their company's philosophy: "Ten things we know to be true." And, as they suggest on their current About page, they continually check-in to ensure they are holding themselves accountable to these core values they started the company on. In fact, they even encourage their clients to hold them accountable to these core values, as well. And while Google is by no means a perfect organization, this is one of the main reasons why it, to us, is an extremely respectable company. It holds and…
Two hands are holding a black clipboard with a resume printed out and clipped to it. The resume has a picture of Olivia Wilson, and has her name and other resume features on it.

How Using Candidate Personas Can Improve Recruiting

24 August 2023
As with many job functions these days, recruiting is one that is becoming an increasingly competitive one. Nevertheless, as with many industries, Human Resources and recruitment are also being made increasingly productive and speedy with the use of AI and other forms of technology. And creating candidate personas is no exception to the ways AI is improving recruitment and hiring processes. But what are candidate personas? How can they benefit your recruitment process? And how can you create one with technology? We cover it all in this blog post! What Is a Candidate Persona? In recruitment and other hiring practices,…
A woman is sitting at a desk in a dark room in her home. Her desk is only lit by a small work lamp and a thin LED strip over her monitors. She has two large screens on her desk under the LED light, and a laptop in front of those screens. She also has a potted plant, a mouse, and some books on her desk. She is facing the monitors, so her face is not shown.
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5 Tech Skills Workers Want to Hone

24 August 2023
As numerous LinkedIn News stories have shown this week alone, artificial intelligence (AI) is back in the news with updates on how it is affecting businesses and economies world-wide. And as such, many are honing in on the very tech skills workers in AI-related industries use regularly. In an article on how AI is reshaping Canada's workforce, Senior News Editor Riva Gold reports that an increasing amount of Canadians are acknowledging the increased presence of AI in the workplace. In another article, Editor Emma W. Thorne reports that, according to the CEO and chairman of IBM Arvind Krishna, AI will…
A business man is walking across an empty street at a crosswalk. He is wearing dark trousers, black socks and dress shoes, a light coloured button-up shirt tucked into a black leather belt, a wrist watch, and a tie. He is carrying a black brief case and his black blazer over his shoulder. His head and shoulders are not in shot, but behind him; there are empty streets out of focus behind him.
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4 Steps toward a Successful Path in Sales

22 August 2023
Amidst the ever-fluctuating landscapes of industries and economies, the role of a salesperson stands as an enduring pillar of opportunity and influence. In a realm where risk and reward dance hand in hand, the allure of a successful sales career remains steadfast. As the year 2023 unfolds, the stage is set for individuals to embrace the art of persuasion and engagement like never before. In this era of transformative change, the formula for achieving sales success has evolved, transcending conventional wisdom to encompass a synthesis of knowledge, skills, and individual disposition. So, what is this formula, and how might you…

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