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A man is running outside a sleek, white, modern building in grey trousers, a white shirt, and a grey matching blazer slung over his shoulder. He is also carrying a briefcase or laptop case, and has his head up, as if focused on his trajectory.
Career advice

5 Ways to Improve Your Career Trajectory

You may be proactive with your training and skills upkeep. You may be taking workshops and attending conferences in your field to make sure you're up-to-date with all advancements and expectations of your work. Maybe you even have some of the best ideas and input at your organization. And yet, you may still feel unfulfilled and underwhelmed with your career trajectory as a leader. After all, your hard skills are not all that's necessary to succeed in a given job function. You'll need to examine and consider what soft skills you may or may not be able to improve upon.…
Kendra Guidolin
10 August 2023
A woman dressed in corporate business clothing—a long, dark formal and fitted coat on top of a white blouse and blazer—is walking outside a commercial city space. She is carrying a coffee cup in one hand and a black briefcase in the other. She has her dark hair tied in a low ponytail and is wearing round, thin framed glasses. She is looking over her shoulder at a building nearby.
ArticlesCareer advice

How to Find Your Top Potential before You Pivot Your Career

While there may be newer reasons to pivot your career—from AI making more and more workers redundant to workplaces now mandating a return to offices for the first time since the outbreak of COVID-19—doing so is certainly not a new concept. What is new, however, are the high stakes of doing so. Earlier this year, inflation reached an all-time high, and costs of education and other training leaving countless in debt for years, even decades at a time. Pivoting, these days, can be especially devastating if it's not into the right industry. So, how do you know you're ready for…
Kendra Guidolin
9 August 2023
A group of workers are all gathered around one person's laptop on a desk in an office space. They are all wearing neutral coloured business casual attire and are of various gender expressions and races. They are all smiling at the laptop screen; some standing over the two who are sitting at the desk.
Career advice

Are You an Inclusive Leader? 3 Steps for Top Team Success

As it ought to be, diversity and inclusivity these days tends to be a given. But perhaps because these things are so widely accepted as an expectation, many workplaces engage less meaningfully with diversity and inclusion as is necessary. After all, hiring diverse teams is not itself inclusion. So, what does being an inclusive leader mean? And how can you become one so as to improve your organization's cohesion and efforts toward meaningful and impactful change in the workplace? Let's start with the basics. What Does It Mean to Be an Inclusive Leader? Workable defines inclusive leadership as "the capacity…
Kendra Guidolin
4 August 2023
A man and woman are both sitting in folding lawn chairs in a wooded area. They are surrounded by a body of water, trees, and a campfire. They each have a laptop on their laps and are looking with concentration but content at their screens.
Career adviceNews

The Top 10 Canadian Cities Demanding Hybrid and Remote Work

This week, two major cities in British Columbia made headlines in LinkedIn news as having the highest demand for remote work. That is, both Victoria's and Kelowna's populations, it seems, can't get enough of working from home. Torontonians, on the other hand, were less likely to apply for an entirely remote position. So, why are some populations taking certain stances over others? And where would you best fit in with your preference for work models? Let's explore how certain cities nation-wide are comparing in terms of their population's demands for work and what cities might be best suited for you…
Kendra Guidolin
3 August 2023
Leaders' advice

4 Easy Steps to Creating a Perfect Sales Team

With competition as fierce as it is these days, your sales team can truly be what makes or breaks your business. But having a perfect sales team isn't just about having numerous employees who all perform effectively in the same manner. You'll need to have a team made up of unique workers that accurately and precisely address your organization's needs as a business. And this is a multi-step process that many struggle with time and again, especially if an organization is offering a niche product/service to a very broad audience. But don't fret! We have a four step process to…
Kendra Guidolin
1 August 2023
A woman and man are seated in an office space with white walls, a white board, a round desk, and large chairs. They are both seated in front of a laptop, and are focused on what is on the screen. The woman is gesturing towards something on the laptop, as if she is instructing him on something.
Career advice

The Best Ways to Offer Your Employees Feedback on Their Work

Picture this: you've been working hard to deliver a great product to your clients—one that you and your team have been working on for weeks, even months at a time. And suddenly, an employee hands in something subpar. And this isn't just something that can slide. This time, it's something that needs to be reworked, and something the employee needs to hear feedback on. So, you go over to their desk and lean over them to offer them some feedback on what you just received. But before you say anything, the employee's face flushes a bright red and before long,…
Kendra Guidolin
28 July 2023
Two women are at a laptop open on a wooden desk. One of the women is seated in front of the laptop, looking at the screen, mid-speech; the other is looking at the screen with concentration but with a smile on her face and with her hands confidently on the desk in front of her.

How Effective Talent Management Drives Business Growth

With the costs of living ever on the rise and, in many ways, job seekers maintaining the upper hand in the job market these days, employee retention and thus business growth are—perhaps now more than ever—at the fore of every manager's mind. This is because employees are in large part what determine an organization's growth and thus overall success. So, of course, whenever we talk about business growth, we first need to address talent management and retention. So, how can you improve your talent management skills to grow your business effectively and consistently in the long-term? Let's start with the…
Kendra Guidolin
26 July 2023
Five young professionals are gathered around a large, dark wood table in an office space with large windows. Two female professionals are standing up and are reaching across the table to shake each other's hands. The rest of the workers are looking at them contentedly. There are notepads, notebooks, a laptop, and writing utensils on the table.
Leaders' advice

Top 4 Tips for Building the Best Sales Onboarding Program

You've finally done it: you've found a star salesperson to join your already very successful sales team. And best of all, it wasn't a painful process, since all of the applicant filtering was done automatically. The newbie even seemed eager, passionate, and driven in their interviews and wowed everyone with their interview responses. But you'll need to set even the best of candidates up for success with a good sales onboarding program. Certainly, there are plenty of templates to download and customize to onboard your salespeople. There are even calculators to determine ramp-up time based on the average length of…
Kendra Guidolin
25 July 2023
A team of office workers is sitting around a large desk in a room with large windows and exposed brick walls. Two people are standing at the table, reaching over the table to shake each other's hand. On the table, there are also laptops, notebooks, and pens.
Career advice

Follow Up after Your Job Interviews: Our Top Tips to Impress

So, you nailed the interview—you felt well-prepared and answered all of your interview questions as practiced. The interviewers looked impressed, and you left the interview feeling excited and only a bit sweaty. But you, a professional, know that the interview is not the last place you can make an impression before the organization sends out job offers. You know now you can follow up after your job interviews to make yourself memorable. And the good news is there are tons of options for following up after an interview. So, check out some of our top tips to impress your future…
Kendra Guidolin
21 July 2023


Ghost applicants

Ghosting job applicants to become illegal in Ontario?

8 May 2024
The practice of job ghosting by companies may soon be outlawed in Ontario. The provincial government is spearheading legislative changes to penalize exploitative employers by proposing to elevate the maximum fines for violating the Employment Standards Act (ESA) to the highest level in Canada. The proposed ESA amendments will mandate larger employers to provide application status updates to interviewed job seekers. They must also disclose in publicly advertised job postings whether a position is currently available or intended to build future candidate pipelines. ESA violations also encompass failure to pay wages, discrimination against employees for taking pregnancy or parental leave, and…
The top employee value-propositions for attracting Gen Z

The Top Employee Value Propositions for Attracting Gen Z

17 April 2024
Explore innovative strategies for attracting Gen Z talent. Gain valuable insights for your talent acquisition playbook.

Navigating the Evolution of Leadership in the Age of AI

9 April 2024
Explore the transformative potential of AI in leadership with Workwolf. Discover strategies for navigating the evolving business landscape while embracing AI as a catalyst for growth and innovation.

Empowering the Future: Unveiling the Essence of Hiring Young Talent

4 April 2024
Explore how companies can navigate the challenges of hiring young talent without extensive experience, focusing on personality traits and potential rather than traditional metrics. Learn about tailored strategies, internship programs, and mentorship initiatives that empower and cultivate the next generation of workforce innovators.
4 Essential Traits to Look for When Hiring Sales Professionals

4 Essential Traits to Look for When Hiring Sales Professionals

20 March 2024
Explore essential traits for hiring top sales professionals and uncover them with our powerful career fit assessment.
How to attract and hire RIBO licensed insurance brokers

How to attract and hire RIBO Licensed Insurance Brokers

13 March 2024
Learn how to craft a job description for RIBO licensed brokers & streamline hiring with Workwolf. Find top talent efficiently!
Leaders' advice

Navigating Sales Training and Development: Insights from a Seasoned Expert

12 February 2024
Explore the dynamic intersection of leadership, learning, and sales in the home improvement industry through the seasoned insights of Chris Boswell. Uncover strategies for effective sales training and development, as Boswell shares his wealth of experience and emphasizes the human touch in every interaction.
Leaders' advice

Revitalizing Sales Teams: Stuart Chant’s Transformative Approach Unveiled

5 February 2024
Explore Stuart Chant's seasoned approach to transforming underperforming sales teams. Discover how he identifies strengths, integrates AI for practical insights, and fosters people-centric leadership, unveiling a holistic strategy for sales success.
Leaders' advice

Mastering Digital Marketing: Unveiling Sales Strategies with Aaron Krygier

4 January 2024
Delve into the world of digital marketing mastery with seasoned Sales Account Manager, Aaron Krygier, boasting over 12 years of experience at Main Street Host.

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