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Glassdoor’s Ranking of Best Jobs in 2022

Earlier this month, Glassdoor published an article ranking the best jobs in 2022, along with some other key takeaways. For one, they offered how these jobs ranked, particularly under the news of the employment market shifting toward the worker, rather than the employer. That is, following the Great Resignation of 2021, employees have been able to be more picky with their compensation or benefits—a hybrid or full work-from-home model being the most popular, of course.

For another, Glassdoor offered the skills needed in these top ranking positions, and what to ask for if you’re looking to make a change, yourself. But what if you’re unsure of the soft skills you have because you’re new to a field, or haven’t made the leap yet, but hope to? Who’s to say if you’d be suited for any of the top ranking positions? Even more importantly, who’s to say you’d find even the most top ranking position enjoyable or fulfilling?

Well, who better to say than you yourself? But first, let’s talk about some of the specifics.


What Makes a Job Great, Anyway?

1. Job satisfaction

For this article, Glassdoor considered all job postings that received at least 100 salary reports and 100 job satisfaction ratings from their employers over the past year (2021). But naturally, this is going to exclude a lot of positions, including those not posted on Glassdoor, those whose employers did not fill out these reports, and those who perhaps wanted to please their employer. After all, job satisfaction is a lot more than ranking how enjoyable a job is on a scale from 1 to 5.

For us at Workwolf, we consider job satisfaction as being three-fold. Namely, we rely on our jobs making us feel excited, challenged, and fulfilled. Are you motivated and enthusiastic about the work you do? Do you sometimes struggle with your work, and sometimes fail? Then, do you find it empowering when you do get it right? Certainly, at some point you may feel burnt out or want a break from working long-hours of not seeing family. But overall, you should be able to reflect on your work and feel proud of your accomplishments and feel confident you’re exactly where you want to be.

2. Positions available

Simply enough, with Glassdoor’s available positions meant more employees were able to find work in their field. But we take this category with a grain of salt. After all, positions may become available if employers are not able to maintain the ones they hire. In some instances, this is preventable with the right resources, fair pay, and generous benefits. In other instances, this is less preventable. Take, for example, those that led to the mass burn out and distress workers felt when working in an office or on the front lines in peak COVID outbreaks. A great way to see if an available position is a green or red flag is to see how their former (or even current) employees rank the organization.

3. Median base salary

It goes without saying that salary should be a factor considered in what makes a job great. Having a job you truly care about and work hard to do well in is crucial, but you deserve to be compensated fairly for the work you put in. Many positions on this list, however, require very specific training and credentials that may not be accessible to everyone. It’s important, in this case, to consider what is the best investment in your future. If you do indeed want to become a psychiatrist, this will require many years of training. You’ll need to then consider how much you would feel was worth investing in your future. Would the job’s salary tip the scales one way or the other?


Next Steps in Getting One of the Best Jobs in 2022

If you’re seriously considering a change of pace, particularly when looking at this list of top ranking jobs for this year, you’ll need to think of the above, and also consider some of the following that you may not have thought of:

1. What Do You Value Most in a Job?

Above your job satisfaction, what do you value most in your everyday work? Do you value exercising your creativity? Working with people? Helping others? Being close to home so you can spend time with your family? Any and all of these are valid reasons to change or need a shift in your work life. If your employer isn’t able to provide what you truly need most out of your position, it may be time to consider a new one.

2. Will This Fit Other Aspects of Your Life?

Depending on what you anticipate or want your other aspects of your life to look like, a job might need to work around your other commitments. This is especially important to consider not only when training for a job, but the hours it may take up, too. Making sure that the position would fit your lifestyle, or your lifestyle may fit it, is always crucial.

3. What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

In school, maybe you discovered your strengths and weaknesses in each class or aspects of your learning. And while some tests can only be performed by someone other than yourself, others are self-assessed entirely. Packfinder is Workwolf’s exclusive self-assessment that uses psychometric profiling to measure your potential in 60 unique positions. Your responses measure your aptitude for careers based how you work with others, what your strong suits are, and in which environments you best thrive.

Find the Best Jobs in 2022 That Are Suited for You!

Packfinder is our free self-assessment that takes under 30 minutes to find top ranking jobs based on your potential. It’s like a Glassdoor article cater-made just for you. To learn more, check out all Packfinder can offer you here. Then, when you’re ready to find your top ranking positions, sign up for your free Workwolf account and take Packfinder right away!


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