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Working from home during 2020 and most of 2021 worked for the most part because of its necessity—with lockdowns and stay at home orders in place, there weren’t options apart from ‘making it work.’ But now, with more workers wanting remote work, it is becoming more and more important look and hire those who will work remotely.  

So, how do you make sure the talent you’re hiring is the right fit for working in their own personal environment, and will thrive in their position while doing so from the comfort of their own homes?  

Shorter stack, better pack 

Not only has hiring become that much more difficult with online rather than in-person interviews, but it has also become a critical part in a business’s success, especially with the past year demanding employees to pivot their positions, work techniques, responsibilities, and routines in office.  

Those who found office settings distracting, tiresome to commute to, and too loud for true productivity may be happy entirely remote and may thrive when left to their own devices. Maybe you’re looking for a candidate who is a healthy balance of both and who will best suit the needs of your organization and position for which you’re hiring.  

In this case, you’ll need to assess your applicants and filter them based on what qualities they have or do not have to best predict the most successful candidate for the position. Enter: Packfinder.  

Packfinder is Workwolf’s exclusive career fit assessment specializes in predicting the success of candidates in the workplace and matching employees to the careers best suited for their personality and behavior. Packfinder uses psychometrics to measure a user’s individual rankings in personality and behavior scales to rank them from 1 to 5 on how suitable they are for over 60 positions, and specifics about their time management skills, working preferences, independence, motivation, and more.  

Not only has Workwolf adopted this assessment to provide its users with crucial information about themselves and to aid their job search but has also integrated the ability for employers and recruiters to automate their filtration process with applicants’ Packfinder results via unique and personalizable benchmarks on the Workwolf platform.  

With over 30,000,000 users having completed Packfinder and provided data to strengthen its candidate matching algorithm, this assessment is the easiest way to filter fast and hire better candidates, especially for your next remote position.  

But you may be wondering, how does it work

Consider applicants equitably

While you may have the best of intentions when it comes to hiring the right candidates, research has shown that even those who consciously work against implicit biases and prejudice still make unconscious biased decisions that affect your hiring. 

The best way to approach this is to ensure your hiring is as unbiased as possible and provides equitable opportunities wherever possible, meaning more candidates are hired without discrimination to their race, gender, sexuality, disability, economic status, appearance, age, and more. 

It all starts with Packfinder.  

On the Workwolf network, once you’ve collected your applicant pool, you can set a benchmark for a specific position that demands certain rankings within the assessment. Of course, these benchmarks can either be set by you, or can be set with the assistance of a Packfinder expert to personalize your benchmarks to find the best suited candidate for each posting.  

By setting benchmarks and filtration methods this way, not only are you finding the perfect work-from-home employee you’ve been looking for, but you are further working against unconscious biases in the hiring process, allowing all applicants equal access and opportunity to be chosen for the position.  

Filter faster than ever before

In addition to the unreliable and imperfect practices of manual filtration, traditional hiring cycles without advanced solutions can be tiresome, ineffective, and time-consuming. Our filtration process makes narrowing down your search more effective and affordable than ever and can make your solution fit your business needs exactly.  

Once you’re signed up to the Workwolf network, you can invite all applicants to do the same to take their Packfinder assessment. Once your applicants have done so, their results will be available for you to view and store in real-time on your account and can provide you insights for not only the position you’re hiring for at the time, but also future positions.  

From thousands of job applications, your pile of resumes can turn to a handful of quality and perfectly suited candidates for your next step in the hiring cycle.  

Find the best candidates for YOU

Certainly, there are tools that can scan resumes for keywords that may be relevant to the position for which you’re hiring—maybe the candidate has simply copied and pasted words you used in the job description and thinks that they can cheat the system by getting their resume seen this way. And while this is inventive and clever thinking, it’s certainly not an indicator of a person’s true and genuine abilities, personality, work ethic, or workplace behavior.  

Packfinder is a comprehensive tool that assesses many different components of a user and repeats questions to measure consistent responses and confidence levels to ensure their responses are genuine and specific to who they truly are as an individual, you can be confident in the candidates you find in your filtration process. It’s like having your candidates hand-picked out of a long list without having to lift a finger.   

Where to start

The drastic changes this past year has brought about a lasting impression on recruiters/employers, and employees alike; the best way to move forward, as much as possible, is to lean and adapt into the changes that are constantly arising.  

As we all know, working from home is not one-size-fits-all, so make sure your next hire is one who will thrive in their unique work environment and will get the most out of their position, especially in the most challenging times.  

If you’re looking for a remote position to fill, check out all we offer businesses and recruiters like you in your next hiring cycle. 

To start your search and find the right candidates for your organization, sign up for a Workwolf business account for free here.


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