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It’s no secret that many of the most successful salespeople in the world are those who build meaningful relationships with their clients/customers. Many gain huge followings and receive referrals to friends and family members countless times over because of the great rapport they have built with their audiences. And certainly, doing so takes a certain kind of person: someone who is confident, captivating, and caring about their clients. But just like any other professional skill, doing so always also requires practice! So, how do you build lasting relationships with your clients/customers?

Our marketing administrator Lara took to LinkedIn to find a leader who could offer us some expert advice. And not long after starting her search, she came across Catina Bondhill, whose charisma and personality was undoubtedly what drew us to her for her expert advice, but also what draws clients to her for business time and again.

Not long after connecting, Lara sat down with Bondhill to determine ways salespeople and entrepreneurs across various industries could better connect with their clients/customers. And Bondhill certainly delivered!

How to Build Lasting Relationships with Your Sales Clients

With over 1,000 LinkedIn followers, Bondhill, a realtor and sales consultant for Robert S. Shoemaker & Associates, a real estate development and management consultancy company, surely has proven to have a knack for keeping an audience captivated. Here’s the expert advice she had to offer us.

1. Decipher and Address Your Communication Barriers

Behind every long-lasting, meaningful relationship with a client/customer is a good foundation of clear communication. And establishing that foundation of communication, as Bondhill suggests, sometimes requires recognizing and acknowledging any communication barriers that might exist.

After all, ignoring a communication barrier might simply mean that communication is limited—thereby also limiting the extent to which you have a relationship with a client/customer.

Bondhill—who has clients all across the globe—says establishing a good foundation upon which you can build communication with your client begins with deciphering what the communication barrier is. Determining what the communication barrier is can then inform any steps you may need to take in order to better communicate with them.

This might mean that your communications happen more frequently over Zoom or FaceTime calls so you can better read facial expressions and body language. Alternatively, it might also mean communicating more frequently over email or text message so as to see the words written down.

Determine what’s best for communicating with your client and ask them how they prefer to communicate. This will allow you both to address and work around any communication barriers that might exist so as to foster an organic and lasting professional relationship.

2. Always Be Genuine and Authentic about Who You Are

While this piece of advice may seem obvious to some, Bondhill takes being genuine with her clients one step further. That is, in addition to being her authentic self in front of her clients, she further demonstrates how much she values being transparent and honest with them.

This helps her clients recognize her genuine care and concern for their wellbeing and success. After all, as Bondhill recognizes, with every win your client gets, you too will reap the benefits. And receiving these benefits starts with not just being in your industry for the money, but rather, for the relationships.

“I’m not in this just for myself,” she says of the real estate she presents to her clients. “I hope we all win.”

That is, when your client is happy, they’ll come back to you time and again. And with such a loyal following, you’re sure to also receive recommendations to your clients’ friends and family members.

“That one relationship that you built,” Bondhill continues, “can lead to so many other connections; it can lead to future business with the same person. So, build those relationships.”

3. Follow Up with Clients

Of course, long-lasting and loyal relationships aren’t formed overnight. They take time and effort to form, and this process starts before you sell.

Start by not pressing on your client too heavily to make a purchase. This will put all your other efforts to earning their trust down the drain. Instead, start with getting to know them and their needs. As Bondhill suggests, never be strictly business. This will limit their comfort with you.

Have fun, she says. Make jokes and have fun when you feel it is appropriate to do so to show you’re comfortable doing so with them and they ought to feel comfortable with you, too.

And when you finally make the big sale, follow up with them.

Get to know their children’s names and birthdays, Bondhill suggests. Ask them about their families and how they’re doing. This will prove that you’re not just in the business for the money, but that you actually care about who you’re working with and how they’re doing beyond what’s useful for you in your sales tactics.

As Bondhill reiterates, no one does business with those who lack integrity. So, demonstrate your integrity and compassion by following up with clients consistently and thoroughly.



Be sure to build lasting relationships with your customers/clients! This doesn’t just mean having clear communication and addressing communication barriers; it also means being transparent, caring, and consistent with your clients to show you’re a trustworthy and compassionate professional they can have a lasting relationship with beyond a singular sale. By fostering trust, showing genuine care for clients’ success, and maintaining personal connections, you can secure loyal clients who not only return for repeat business but also refer others, contributing to sustained sales growth and success in the long term.


Special thanks to Catina Bondhill for the expert advice featured in this blog post! If you’re looking for a realtor or sales consultant, feel free to connect with her and follow her on LinkedIn.

If you have expert advice you’d like to offer us and be featured in a blog post like this one, let us know! Leave a comment on our latest LinkedIn post letting us know what expert advice you have to share.

We can’t wait to connect with you!


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