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This past yearlet alone the past two years since the outbreak of COVIDhas been particularly tough for businesses struggling with labour shortages. Between those who retired during the pandemic and those who switched career paths during The Great Resignation, many industries continue to remain short staffed. And yet, also since the pandemic, many have struggled to find employment, like international students here in Canada. And while it’s ideal for students to not have to work during their studies, the rising costs of living have left many without another choice. So the Government of Canada is offering a deal for 2023 that may resolve both issues at once!

The Latest News for International Students in Canada

According to CBC reporter Ben Andrews, the Canadian government is running a pilot program that will lift the current restriction on international students working more than 20 hours per week off-campus. This program will start November 15th of this year and will run until the end of 2023. It will also, according to Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser, apply to an estimated 500,000 students in the coming year.

And while Andrews notes this program aims to resolve labour shortages across the country, this is surely good news to the student workers themselves, too. After all, inflation has been reaching all-time highs and has only slightly cooled (if temporarily) as of September. And between country-wide rises in rent, food, heat, internet, and even the rising costs of school itself, this relief is overdue.

What This Means for Students Wanting to Work in Canada

As long as this program is running, international students will be able to work more than their previously allotted 20 hours per week at off-campus jobs. And certainly, it is important that this means students will be earning more each year they stay in Canada and contribute to the local economy.

However, perhaps more importantly, this also means that they will now be able to apply for more jobs than previously. After all, they will no longer need to worry about being overlooked for a job because of their international student status.

And as Devika Desai offers for the University of Toronto’s newspaper The Varsity, international students regularly face countless obstacles when trying to find employment abroad. Desai offered this article in 2014, when the Canadian Government changed the requirement for international students to have a work permit to them simply needing a Social Insurance Number (SIN).

And while a few regulations have changed since 2014, many facts remain the same for international students. Namely, as Desai states, “Unlike domestic students who do not need extra paperwork to work on or off campus, international students have always had to take an extra step to obtain the same work opportunities.”

This, at the very least, seems to be a step in the right direction towards equality.

Resources for Students Looking To Work

If you’re one of the many international students in Canada who will be job seeking starting November 15th, check out all Workwolf has to offer you in your job search!

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3. Access to the Workwolf network

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