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The year is 2022, you’re in your app-requested car ride to the airport with the latest smart phone and motorized suitcase in tow—yes, we’re talking about this one.  

You don’t have to pay the cab, because it’s automatically charged your account. You don’t have to check in at the kiosk inside the airport, because you’ve already checked in via the airline’s app. 

You show your digital health passport to prove you’ve been vaccinated and are healthy. You even have a fast-pass to get past the huge line at security—you’re already pre-cleared and ready to board before anyone else even gets to the gate.  

With nearly everything automated today, both for efficiency and reliability, it almost makes anything not automated feel untrustworthy. It seems we’ve universally learned the hard way that some things should not be taken at face value.  

For example, hopefully in 2021, you wouldn’t board the plane if your pilot used this as proof of their credentials.  

Leonardo Di Caprio

(For those who haven’t seen this film, that’s Leonardo DiCaprio. You shouldn’t trust this ID.) 

So, why are we still relying on the self-proclaimed resume of yesteryear when applying for jobs and other opportunities in the year 2021?  

Goodbye, self-proclaimed mode

If you read our latest blog post, The resume of tomorrow: How to bring your resume from the past to the future, you’d know that the resume has come a long way from where it started back in the 15th century.  

You’d know that our technological advancements over the years, increasingly more in the most recent years, have provided job seekers with better, more effective ways of showcasing all they have to offer employers. As well, it’s provided employers and recruiters with better access to the right candidates based on skill sets and credentials.  

 While we have made significant improvements to our employer trusting a candidate is telling the truth, and while you yourself may not be putting little white lies on your resume, others certainly have before. 

This just means that your application is viewed equally as those that do have inaccurate information on it, even though you worked hard to earn your credentials.  

So, why the digital work passport?

The word itself is quite specific and trendy for these days, but the concept is timeless: having real-time access to authenticated records that cannot be tampered with or falsified—and having them stored securely within a gadget you already own and use regularly.  

Especially these days with COVID-19 vaccinations being required for certain tasks, positions, and events, digital passports are becoming overwhelmingly sought-after as a method of showcasing a verified credential in a secure manner that remains its real-time authenticity.  

The digital health passport—at least in Canada and the U.S.—showcases your vaccination and/or health status to allow you to travel internationally more freely and easily.  

Similarly, though not considered a “passport” by name, these pre-verified credentials are also common for buying a used car (see: CarFax), or for driving over the border (see: NEXUS).  

And sure, it seemed like a luxury at the time to skip long lines at the border or at security in an airport, it seems silly now to buy a car without ensuring it has a clean bill of health or to take a risk on missing your flight if you travel often and need to be able to get to where you need to be quickly. 

Identity verification

Skip the long line and pre-verify

Workwolf has essentially done the same thing for candidates as CarFax has done for the auto selling industry and what NEXUS has done for the travel industry, by creating a ‘pre-clearance’ authorization for job seekers. 

Educational records

Sometimes this ‘pre-clearance’ is called being ‘pre-verified’ and it just means we’ve already given you as a worker your “clean bill of health” as it were, and can recommend you as a candidate to recruiters and employers as one they can trust. 

All you need to do is: 

1. Sign up for a free Workwolf account 

· Join the ever-growing network of recruiters and employers seeking reliable candidates

· Take advantage of all we have to offer in our package deals and add-ons, as well as our free products, like Packfinder

2. Add and verify your credentials 

· Build up your Digital Work Passport on your Workwolf account; the more credentials you verify, the more trustworthy your application appears to recruiters and employers

· Just add credentials, purchase the level of verification you need, and keep these verified pieces of data stored safely for life

3. Share your verified profile 

· Add to your already strong online presence by adding your Workwolf certifications to your professional profile and/or your professional social media pages

· Use and re-use these verified credentials for applications for side-gigs, full- and part-time jobs, volunteer positions, community service, events, and so much more

What’s unique about Workwolf’s technology is that it can be shared ahead of time, meaning that the pre-clearance designation can go right on the resume. 

This technology is also tamper-proof and able to store your data securely, so your viewers can’t change any details, and your viewers know you can’t either.

Want to get on board?

Try Workwolf out for free today and take a complimentary career assessment that can show you where your strengths would thrive, and what your best assets are as a worker in different positions and work environments.  


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