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Improve your hiring-decisions with performance review analytics
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Improve Your Hiring Decisions With Performance Review Analytics

10 July 2024
The challenges of finding the right talent have shone a spotlight on performance review analytics and its importance. By analyzing the performance data of existing employees, the key characteristics, skills, and experiences that lead to success in different roles can be identified. These valuable insights can then be used to create better targeted job descriptions, filter candidates more effectively, and, ultimately, make better hiring choices.
Ghost applicants

Ghosting job applicants to become illegal in Ontario?

8 May 2024
The practice of job ghosting by companies may soon be outlawed in Ontario. The provincial government is spearheading legislative changes to penalize exploitative employers by proposing to elevate the maximum fines for violating the Employment Standards Act (ESA) to the highest level in Canada. The proposed ESA amendments will mandate larger employers to provide application status updates to interviewed job seekers. They must also disclose in publicly advertised job postings whether a position is currently available or intended to build future candidate pipelines. ESA violations also encompass failure to pay wages, discrimination against employees for taking pregnancy or parental leave, and…
The top employee value-propositions for attracting Gen Z

The Top Employee Value Propositions for Attracting Gen Z

17 April 2024
Explore innovative strategies for attracting Gen Z talent. Gain valuable insights for your talent acquisition playbook.

Navigating the Evolution of Leadership in the Age of AI

9 April 2024
Explore the transformative potential of AI in leadership with Workwolf. Discover strategies for navigating the evolving business landscape while embracing AI as a catalyst for growth and innovation.

Empowering the Future: Unveiling the Essence of Hiring Young Talent

4 April 2024
Explore how companies can navigate the challenges of hiring young talent without extensive experience, focusing on personality traits and potential rather than traditional metrics. Learn about tailored strategies, internship programs, and mentorship initiatives that empower and cultivate the next generation of workforce innovators.
4 Essential Traits to Look for When Hiring Sales Professionals

4 Essential Traits to Look for When Hiring Sales Professionals

20 March 2024
Explore essential traits for hiring top sales professionals and uncover them with our powerful career fit assessment.
How to attract and hire RIBO licensed insurance brokers

How to attract and hire RIBO Licensed Insurance Brokers

13 March 2024
Learn how to craft a job description for RIBO licensed brokers & streamline hiring with Workwolf. Find top talent efficiently!
Leaders' advice

Navigating Sales Training and Development: Insights from a Seasoned Expert

12 February 2024
Explore the dynamic intersection of leadership, learning, and sales in the home improvement industry through the seasoned insights of Chris Boswell. Uncover strategies for effective sales training and development, as Boswell shares his wealth of experience and emphasizes the human touch in every interaction.
Leaders' advice

Revitalizing Sales Teams: Stuart Chant’s Transformative Approach Unveiled

5 February 2024
Explore Stuart Chant's seasoned approach to transforming underperforming sales teams. Discover how he identifies strengths, integrates AI for practical insights, and fosters people-centric leadership, unveiling a holistic strategy for sales success.

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