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Certainly by now you’ve heard of a passport in a context other than airports and train stations.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more businesses and organizations have been requiring documentation of a person’s vaccination status before being allowed into a space, whether that is employees of independent businesses and large corporations, staff and members of gyms, even members of the government.  

While we see a lot of backlash resulting from these regulations restricting those who attend gyms, workplaces, and even concert halls and theatre venues, the logic behind doing so is clear: proof in the form of documentation can regulate the safety of all in contact with one another and control the spread of COVID-19. 

And these “vaccination passports” sound much scarier than they are in practice—quite simply, it’s another way to ensure information about an individual is authentic and reliable.

The Digital Work Passport

The Digital Work Passport uses the same concepts of health-related passports, but offers more than just static confirmation of one’s vaccination status. 

For example, Workwolf’s Digital Work Passport offers verifiable—meaning real-time access—to an individual’s previous work experience, their formal education, references, and other training credentials, certifications, and licenses.  

A better, more reliable, and efficient way to consider a candidate and all they claim to have on their application or resume, the Digital Work Passport stores a user’s personal data using blockchain technology to ensure a secure, reliable source of information that is accessible from any digital device.  

Due to the democratic nature of blockchain and its distribution or permission ledger, you can be assured that any and all information a candidate has on their Digital Work Passport is authenticated and that the candidate isn’t able to tamper with its data, and the candidate can be assured that their personal information can be shared with external viewers but the integrity of the information cannot be compromised.  

Accessible via the Workwolf platform, a job seeker is either able to pay for certain credentials to be verified from their credential issuing source or an employer or recruiter is able to do so themselves to both ensure their candidate is truthful and reliable and that they retain the employee by offering them a resource to be able to reuse throughout their career.  

Improve candidate “stickiness”

Many of Workwolf’s partners arrive on our platform with the same problem—employee “stickiness”.

Sure, recruiters can place their candidates in the perfect spot, but once they do so, the employee is never seen again, and if they do switch jobs in the future, they don’t return to the same recruiter or recruiting agency, perhaps because they feel no obligation to be loyal to that individual or organization. 

And it’s great—commendable, really—when a candidate invests in their future and pays for the background checking processes to build their Digital Work Passport, but more powerfully is when you can equip them with a priceless tool that they can hold onto for their entire careers, and continue to build as they gain experience, training, and references who also trust and can vouch for them and their hard work. 

You can confidently send your clients to their next place of work with their credentials already verified to reduce mis-hires, but even better, you can empower them to feel confident and proud of their accomplishments, and even own them without having to worry about them being in someone else’s hands.  

Get information straight from the source 

The pieces of information gathered in the services we offer for Digital Work Passports are verified through our credential issuer whose verifications are performed directly with contact from over 200,000 data sources.  

Once the credential verifications are purchased on our platform and are submitted to the issuer, they will be processed and return with notes or cleared in as little as minutes, depending on which verification process is being performed. 

A user will receive notice of the feedback regarding their credential verifications via email and will be able to see and resubmit information attached to the notes on their information to ensure all verifications are entirely confirmed and all data is accurate, as provided directly from the source.  

If credentials can be verified, they will appear under their unique category within the Digital Work Passport, and the user will be able to keep this data for the entirety of their career to expedite the background checking processes in future hiring cycles, and can be updated or added to at any time.  

Try it out today! 

Are you ready to make employers and candidates alike happy and confident in your recruiting?  

Want to change a candidate’s life and empower them to own their credentials in a way that is reliable on their end and on the end of anyone who views them?  

Find out all the tools, tricks, and resources we have to offer recruiters, career coaches, and employers with a Workwolf business account.  

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