Smart Work


They believe businesses built by self-directed employees will thrive in the new economy. They further believe that a business leader can, and should, use available technology to predict their superior candidates, when hiring and selecting, to build a high performance culture.

They believe that you CAN predict the success of a person on a team (by up to 99.5% probability) and it is not by their resume, background check, social media profile or even past job titles.

They can do it for you or teach your people how to use our technology themselves. It all depends on how fast you want to build your higher performance culture.

About Smart Work

They provide smart companies with superior solutions for the entire talent management lifecycle, from pre-hire selection to post-hire development and even career transition—using predictive tools and processes, leading to reduced employee turnover and successful performance.

Be a witness to their core values:

Character: They do what they say they will do.

Competence: They expect continuous improvement from ourselves and their network of providers.

Collaboration: They value the relationship with their clients and their network, and they work hard to find the solution where everybody gets what they are truly looking for.


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