RAD Potential

Rad Potential

RAD Potential offers solutions and services to make your hiring better. We offer pre-employment testing, recruitment marketing services and digital learning content to help you attract more quality hires.

About RAD Potential

RAD Potential began with a mission to help companies make their hiring more effective. They recognized that hiring the right people through an effective lean recruitment process was critical to an organizations success.

The number one complaint from most organizations was that they were not able to find enough quality candidates to fill their jobs. This is where RAD Potential was born, which was to show you how to recruit and hire more diverse, productive, engaged and retained employees using our proven strategies and solutions.

Their value proposition is to help organizations deliver a pragmatic and sustainable approach to attracting quality hires. They will ensure the right people, process and technology are in place to empower leaders to build a recruitment plan that works. They will remove any frustration you ever had about hiring, to becoming a believer that quality hiring is magic ingredient why your company will thrive.


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