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Recruiting on LinkedIn and Beyond

If you’ve been recruiting for even the shortest amount of time, you’re sure to have seen all of LinkedIn‘s recruitment tools. You’ll know that posting jobs online can be expensive, time consuming, and fruitless if it’s not done right. Of course, it should go without saying, recruiting on social media can only get you so far. On top of some powerful LinkedIn techniques, you’ll need some effective strategies for filtering candidates effectively and fairly. But let’s start with recruiting with LinkedIn first.


Our 4 Best Tips for Recruiting with LinkedIn

1. Curate a Powerful LinkedIn Profile

Just as we said in our blog on employer branding, when you’re searching for candidates online, you need to impress just as much as you want to be impressed. You want to have an eye-catching profile with a unique banner and profile picture, a catchy profile URL, and content that creates FOMO. Show off some powerful placements you’ve made in the past, and gather content that shows off your abilities as a recruiter. Whether they’re videos, photos, or testimonials, the proof really is in the pudding!

2. Improve Your LinkedIn Searches

If you’ve been only searching with one key term every time you’re recruiting online, you may just be seeing one portion of candidates in that field. Refine your searches by using Boolean terms. These are symbols that you can use in your searches to expand the results you yield. Using an asterisk (*), for example, can be used in the place of a suffix. This means that when you search “market*”, you’ll find candidates who used “marketing,” “marketer,” and so on, in their titles. Using quotation marks around a search term will find only people who use those terms exactly. And using AND or OR in your searches can make your searches more refined. Check out this useful blog for more on using Boolean terms!

3. Personalize Your Messages

I think we’ve all received those form-letter messages. They’re impersonal if not simply boring. And more often than not, they’re irrelevant to you. So, you’ll mark it as read and delete it, or just ignore it entirely. After all, it feels like there’s no one waiting for an individual response. When reaching out, start with a conversation. Get your potential candidate chatting with shared connections or common interests, and let them know they might just be what you’ve been looking for.

4. Join Unique Groups

In addition to finding the right folks with the right search terms, try looking in LinkedIn groups. Even if the job you’re recruiting for is quite niche, you never know! There might just be a group of people who’ve found each other on LinkedIn. Search for key terms unique to the job function or career path, and see what groups already exist. But before posting anything in these groups, make sure job posts are fair game for members to post.


Your next steps

LinkedIn, especially with the above tips, can be very effective and easy to use. But as previously mentioned, recruiting on social media is just the first step. Once you find candidates you think are a good match, offer them Packfinder to ensure they are! You can also purchase verification packages to verify resume claims that are mandatory from the employer for the position. After all, they might look perfect on their social media page, but you’ll need to make sure before sending them to the next step.

Recruiting with LinkedIn and Filtering with Workwolf

1. Filter automatically for the best candidates and only the best with Packfinder! Packfinder is Workwolf’s exclusive psychometric assessment that measures soft skills required in various job functions. It’s our number one way to ensure our candidates have the potential to succeed in their future position and work environment. After all, hard skills can be gained in training after hiring, but a candidate’s soft skills can either make or break their potential, even after training. More importantly, filtering for soft skills can ensure your hiring practices are as fair as they possibly can be.

2. Confirm candidate claims with Workwolf’s verification packages. You can double check any claims a candidate may make on their LinkedIn profile or resume by purchasing a verification package for them. This way, you can allow the employer to skip the background checking process, and even offer the candidate something of value to them just for going with you as a recruiter.  And this might just be enough to make them want to spread the word, giving you an even wider range of candidates to choose from.

3. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn and elsewhere to make sure you’re all up to date with all we have to offer for your recruiting practices. We posts blogs and articles dedicated to recruiting, hiring, and job seeking every week, so follow us on your favourite social media platforms and sign up for our newsletter to get our blogs and articles straight to your inbox!

Happy recruiting!


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