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In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, achieving mastery goes beyond presenting services—it demands a keen understanding of the evolving landscape and the ability to forge lasting connections. Recently, we had the privilege of tapping into this domain with Aaron Krygier, a seasoned Sales Account Manager boasting over 12 years of experience at Main Street Host. Our conversation was a goldmine of insights into effective digital marketing strategies, with a spotlight on the crucial sales perspective. Here, we share the illuminating takeaways from our discussion. 

Cultivating Trust through Value-Centric Marketing 

Aaron passionately underscores that trust serves as the linchpin of successful digital marketing. It transcends mere transactions, advocating for showcasing tangible benefits that services bring to a client’s business. This emphasis on value not only streamlines the sales process but, critically, cultivates trust—a pivotal element in the fiercely competitive digital landscape. 

Tailoring Strategies for Lasting Impact 

Reflecting on Main Street Host’s success, Aaron attests to the power of personalized attention and dedicated specialists for each service. This approach ensures a comprehensive and tailored marketing strategy, seamlessly integrating website optimization, blogging, engaging social media strategies, and impactful pay-per-click services. From a sales perspective, the narrative shifts from a hard sell to a consultative approach, aligning services with client needs. 

Navigating the Future: The Ascension of Pay-Per-Click Advertising 

Peering into the future, Aaron foresees the ascension of pay-per-click advertising over the next five years. Despite its potential for immediate results, he acknowledges the challenge of persuading clients of its value amid intensifying competition in the digital space. Understanding and effectively communicating the benefits of this strategy will be pivotal from a sales standpoint. 

A Creative Edge: Infusing Narratives into Sales Strategies 

Beyond the conventional marketer’s toolkit, Aaron’s background as an actor and writer imparts a distinctive flavor to his approach. The ability to craft compelling narratives, coupled with empathetic and active listening skills, positions him as a standout in the digital marketing arena. This creative edge becomes a potent dimension in his sales strategies, fostering deeper connections with clients. 

Aaron shared a recent triumph in convincing a skeptical client to renew services. His testimony rings: “Through effective communication, showcasing results, and a dash of salesmanship, I navigated the situation, securing a renewal.” This underscores the importance of not just delivering results but also effectively communicating and demonstrating value—a paramount aspect of the sales process. 

Founded in 1999, Main Street Host prides itself on offering personalized attention and tailored services despite its size. With around 140 team members, the company aims to provide affordable services that cater to the unique needs of small to medium-sized businesses. From a sales perspective, this approach aligns with Aaron’s emphasis on understanding each client’s individual requirements. 

Aaron Krygier

Aaron Krygier


Our conversation with Aaron Krygier not only illuminated the intricacies of the digital marketing landscape but also underscored the significance of infusing a human touch into every interaction, particularly from a sales standpoint. For those eager to delve deeper into Aaron’s insights and Main Street Host’s offerings, visit Main Street Host and Aaron’s personal website at Aaron Krygier. 


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