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The hiring process can be challenging for both candidates and recruiters alike. After all, mis-hires end up costing both the organization and the worker time, energy, and money. But how can employers and recruiters know for sure if the person they’re hiring is the right fit for the role they’re looking to fill?

There are many factors that can aid employers and recruiting agencies in finding the right candidate for a job—one of which is having verified credentials.

By skipping background checks from third-parties and making this a step before an employer investigates a candidate, validated credentials can make hiring the right candidate faster and more effective for everyone involved.

In this article, you’ll learn about validated credentials, and how crucial they are for ensuring the right candidate is picked every time.

The dangers of resume fraud

Unfortunately, many candidates will falsify credentials and qualifications when applying for jobs to appear more fit for a position than they actually are.

While it is common for credentials like degrees or diplomas to be checked, the reality is, many candidates will get away with false information on their resume, and often, employers don’t find out until the candidate is hired and is underperforming in their position.

While not a crime per se, resume fraud can cause a lot of harm to an organization. It can increase the chances of corruption in your organization, can destroy your organization’s reputation, and can cost you and your organization thousands of dollars and countless hours of wasted time and effort.

In fact, according to a survey by Career Builders, every mis-hire will cost an organization an average of $14,900. That’s 14,900 reasons to rely on only candidates you can trust.

It goes without saying that if an employee was found out to have lied on their resume or application, they may be less trustworthy in other contexts.

This can further be reflected back onto the employer for hiring them in the first place. After all, customers and investors may use this as an indicator of bad judgement or lack of faith in methods used in the workplace.

So, what exactly are verified credentials?

Quite simply, verified credentials are those that have been confirmed to be 100% accurate and authentic. Some organizations hire third-party background checkers to validate if a candidate’s academic or workplace history is accurate, and if they have a criminal background, but these often take weeks to complete and can cost them time that may well be wasted on a candidate if their credentials turn out to be falsified.

To break this cycle of inefficient hiring, Workwolf places priority on validating a candidate’s information and completes thorough background checks on candidates before they are presented to hiring professionals, so that each candidate is guaranteed to be qualified and well-suited for the job at hand.

How Workwolf Works

Workwolf’s Packfinder, in tandem with a vast network of institutions, confirm not only a candidate’s academic and employment history, but further, their confirmed identity, driving record, criminal reference check, current credit standing, certificate and license status, and application of necessary skills in previous workplaces.

It all starts when a candidate signs up to our platform and fills out their complimentary Packfinder assessment. From there, career-hunting users can build their resume on the Workwolf platform and purchase packages to verify as many credentials as they’d like—the more credentials they verify, the stronger their Workwolf profile.

Workwolf then maintains this information in digital, tamper-proof vaults that can be accessed with the candidate’s permission, so employers can have easy access to all the verified information they need to make the right hiring choice.

Permission to these vaults can be revoked at any time, and users know their information will stay safe and protected with our secure platform.

Raise your hiring standards

With so many people still out of work because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re likely to see an increase in the number of applications that come in for a vacancy you advertise. Sifting through all those applications can be a time-consuming nightmare.

Workwolf cuts your applicants down significantly by sifting through all applicants to serve you only those whose credentials are guaranteed to be authentic and right for your open position.

These candidates will have their personality types and qualifications available for you to see verified in real-time, saving you time, money, and energy on background checks and mis-hires, making a better, more effective experience for both you and each of your candidates.

Try Workwolf today to access your candidates’ validated credentials and trust the power of truth.


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