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Are your Talent Pipelines Working for You?

According to Wilson HCG 67% of organizations surveyed are currently building pipelines to help filter top ranking candidates. However, this does not mean that these talent pipelines are efficient. What’s more, some of the most successful practices in hiring include building pre-verified pools before you hire. This means not only reviewing your talent pool candidates, but further engaging with them, too. How are you maintaining contact with them? Are you offering them something of value that is helpful to their career? Or are you simply stringing them along in hopes of eventually getting a job with you? If you want to be doing the former, let’s talk about what Workwolf can do for you. 


What’s Included in Workwolf’s Customizable Talent Pipelines

As Nikoletta Bika states for Workable, “You can’t assess a talent pool if you don’t know what to look for.” As such, Workwolf’s Business platform has made the filtration and hiring process more straightforward and streamlined with our pipelines. On our Business platform, recruiters and hiring managers alike will be able to build pipelines that are unique for each available position. These pipelines allow you to manage candidates based on their applications and their Packfinder results. That is, once they have completed their soft skills assessment, you can filter candidates to

  • Predict how suitable they are for the position at hand
  • Match or complement current or fellow in-coming employees
  • Continue growing your talent pool for future opportunities


Our Latest Updates: 6 Unique Stages for Faster Filtration

As shown in our screen cap below, you can see our Business platform has numerous stages with which you can filter your candidates. These are consistent throughout each unique pipeline you create, so you can keep track of applicants for each job position available. The stages we filter for the best results are as follows:

1. Packfinder completed

Packfinder is Workwolf’s exclusive psychometric assessment that analyzes a candidate’s soft skills to determine their suitability for a position. Not only do one’s Packfinder results show them how likely they are to succeed in the job they’re applying for, it also shows the hirer this, too. That way, you’re both equally assured that they are the right fit, and salary and other negotiations can be made accordingly. This can be particularly empowering for a candidate, which is crucial for encouraging long-term commitment and happiness within your organization. Packfinder is also proof that your candidate is interested and is taking your position opening seriously enough to complete their assessment. Many may drop off the application at this stage, but it just goes to show where some applicants’ priorities are.

2. Awaiting Review

Once applicants have completed their Packfinder assessments, you can either bench-

3. Reviewed

Once you’ve reviewed your candidate, maybe for their soft or hard skills in comparison to your current employees, you can move them into this stage. This way, you can be assured that only the most suitable candidates–especially in their qualifications and capabilities–are considered for the final stages.

4. Contacted

You may have had thousands of applications come in, and have whittled them down to a couple of dozen by our powerful filtration methods. But still, there are some chances that you will still have a handful of very strong candidates for the position. And we all know hiring, even if it’s the main part of your job, is only one of many tasks you handle daily. This is a good stage to keep candidates in to reassure you you’ve done the leg work and are ready to meet with them virtually or in-person.

5. Interviewed

Interviews can be a long and arduous process. If your candidates have withstood the interview process–whatever that looks like for you–they may belong here, at least temporarily.

6. Finalist

Lastly, this stage is crucial for long-term. You may want to return to this candidate at another time if they are a good fit, but are more suitable for another position in your organization. Alternatively, you might want this candidate in this position, but you may need to wait for workers to shuffle around a bit, or for more funding to come into the company to allow for another position. Either way, you’ll want to file that candidate here, and let them know that they are still on file if anything may change.


Start Organizing Your Talent Pipelines Today

As previously mentioned, it is not enough these days to create an unbeatable talent pool and leave them waiting for a job opening. You should be actively engaging with them to ensure they gain something out of being in the talent pool. This can be in engaging with them personally, or offering them learning opportunities to help them grow. And with any other company, this would be a lot of personal leg work for you. But with Workwolf, this individual engagement and learning opportunity can come in the form of a Packfinder report. After all, Packfinder is what led them to the talent pool in the first place. Why not show them how their results can help them take their next steps in growing professionally?

To access Packfinder, our unique benchmarking capabilities, and our organized pipelines ready for your candidates, join Workwolf’s Business platform today! No matter what your specialty is, we have the filtering and hiring solutions for you. But don’t take our word for it. Check it out for yourself!

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