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The one recruiting software to find your next #1 employee

Have your best month every month. Clone your top employees with the only all-in-one HR software that accurately predicts candidate performance and helps you hire better and faster than ever before.

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Workwolf makes hiring quality talent easy

  • Unmatched psychometric assessments to predict new hire performance
  • 200x faster candidate screening
  • Patented Digital Work Passport™
  • Multiple simultaneous job board postings, including Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Career Jet, Google Jobs, and 100+ more
  • Seamless integration with HR systems, applicant tracking systems (ATS), and background checkers
  • Automated reference checks, credential verification, and resume claim authentication
  • One unified dashboard
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Intelligent adaptive analytics

Hiring the wrong candidate is a costly mistake—to the tune of $30,000.*

Know you who you’re hiring before you hire them. Workwolf Packfinder™ accurately predicts candidates’ future performance with technology that filters and ranks them based on best in class benchmarks.

*Based on a $100,000 salary.
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Screen candidates in seconds rather than weeks

Don’t send a human to do the Wolf’s job. Workwolf’s proprietary AI-powered recruitment software vets candidates 200x faster than a human being, filtering resumes more accurately than 500 hours of interviews.

Verify resume credentials, licenses, and references

Nearly 60% of resumes contain errors or misrepresentations, which means that some candidates are great at selling themselves–and that’s about it. With Workwolf, you can verify resume claims and credentials, perform background screenings, and complete reference checks.

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Post to multiple job boards simultaneously with advanced applicant tracking

When you need to recruit a new employee, you have no time to waste. Workwolf posts to 100+ job boards with just one click, shortening wait time, eliminating manual paperwork work, and streamlining operations.

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Say goodbye to high recruitment costs

Hire easier, faster and more accurately with Workwolf’s patented applicant tracking, credential verification, and HR software with a plan tailored to your needs. Options include a monthly plan, annual subscription, or concierge service with guaranteed hire within 30 days.

Find, screen and validate candidates–200x faster

Put Workwolf on the job to automatically find, screen and validate candidates with unmatched speed, efficiency, and proven predictability to choose the right candidate for your pack. Schedule a demo and get started for free.

Hiring smarter is working smarter


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