Is Workwolf fully compliant with all US & Canadian privacy policies and HR regulations?

Yes 100%. In fact, Workwolf's regulatory compliance meets the guidelines of all North American regulators with data-provider partners who are accredited by the National Association of Background Screeners (NABPS). Out of approximately 1,000 background screeners in the United States and Canada, only 50-60 have this accreditation. Employers are fully protected because the candidate must release the sensitive information and it is not viewable until a job offer is made.

We don't think candidates should pay for a background check to work for us.

Candidates who elect to use Workwolf aren't paying for a background check to work for your organization. They are activating a digital credentials vault that is filled with employment-centric records and they will have this vault and it's verified content whether or not they receive a job offer. The candidate owns this vault and the records within it. Once they are part of the ecosystem, it's up to the candidate who they grant access to and who can view the authenticated information. The Workwolf platform is 100% elective, if a candidate doesn't want to join network, they will simply proceed with the traditional process.