We believe truth is essential to building amazing teams.

Workwolf is the premier credential platform for talent on the hunt, for organizations building packs and for all those with the ambition to do work that matters.

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The confidence to succeed.

With unmatched transformational verification technology, we hunt, authenticate and empower our users by connecting world-class businesses with the best candidates, and candidates with opportunities that were designed for their personas.

What we believe

Establish yourself as an alpha.

We're in the business of building businesses. We help move employers from reactive to proactive hiring, and provide candidates a new way to differentiate themselves from unverified professionals. Workwolf believes in recognizing greatness and has built the smartest, most secure verification platform to showcase it.

Unleash the power of truth TM. Push the limits of what's possible.

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"The background check process for employers is not efficient, so we've reengineered it by democratizing access to 1000s of credentialing institutions through the Workwolf platform. Now professionals on the network can connect with the same accreditation sources of North America's top background checkers and create a tamper-proof, verified work passport with the ability to deploy it directly to employers. Criminal history and credentials can now be verified in real-time and record authentication can start at the beginning of the hiring cycle versus the end. The biggest issue in hiring talent was that previous technology did not allow for verification to start before a job offer. We have solved this."

- Erik Simins,
Chief Executive Officer & CoFounder

Dan Shea

Chief Technology Officer & CoFounder

"From my days as an executive at the very fast growing corporations (Celestica and Blackberry), I wish I had this product at my fingertips. The increased speed of onboarding would have really helped me get a better nights sleep."

Ron Leith

Chief Operating Officer & CoFounder

"The ways in which talent acquisition is viewed and managed is about to undergo a transformation. Workwolf will catalyze and accelerate this change. I am incredibly excited by the prospects."

Stephen Brennan

Chief Revenue Officer

"Creating innovation and changing the way we collect and share our verified credentials is a game changer. With Workwolf, owning those credentials is empowering and a no brainer."

Ryan Gertler

Communications Manager

"Workwolf disrupts the current status quo of accepting a resume at face value. We are excited to change the way candidates are hired – now and forevermore."

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