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Hire Top Performers,
Drive More Profits

Clone your top employees with a hiring platform developed specifically for Office Technology Dealerships. Workwolf® builds profit generating, reliable teams so that you can finally take a vacation without worrying about “the office”.

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Do you find yourself grappling with hiring headaches?

  • If you own a business, you know how frustrating it can be to have to sift through 100’s of resumes, then have to invest more time for interviews, only to realize later that you’ve chosen the wrong candidate.
  • Bad hires waste months of your time that could have been better spent with your top producers. Let’s get you more of these.
  • Workwolf® assesses the traits of your best people, then automatically screens for these traits in all your applicants. The result… if you get 100 resumes, Workwolf® will show you which 5 you need to look at.

If you want to take the risk out of hiring, and would like to have stronger producers on your teams, look no further.

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Intelligent adaptive analytics

Screen candidates in seconds rather than weeks

  • Finding ‘diamonds in the rough’ has never been so easy or so inexpensive. Predictive analytic technology called Packfinder™ does the job of a recruitment agency, but without the $xx,xxx price tag.
  • Unlike other platforms, Workwolf® doesn’t tell you what “excellent’ looks like. Instead, screening benchmarks are derived from your existing best-in-class producers.
  • Helping customers across North America who are just like you, Workwolf® makes it easy to source, filter, and onboard top-producing employees.
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Our Impact

Heather Bradley
5 stars

“Wolfwolf is helping us quickly expand our North American team, allowing us to attract, filter, and hire more efficiently”.

Heather Bradley
Recruiting Manager

One Point Agency
Steven Connor
5 stars

“This is a ‘no-brainer’ for companies that require active pipelines constantly filled with verified candidates”.

Steven Connor

R&R Business Consultants
Mark Hann
5 stars

“We can now focus time and energy on candidates that fit our culture, and feel more confident in our hiring decisions”.

Mark Hann
Managing Partner

West X

Post to over 100+ job boards

Say goodbye to time-consuming processes, tedious paperwork, and delays – now, finding the perfect candidate is just one click away.

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Let’s discuss the state of your recruiting process. Whatever your objective is, we can help. From ambitious growth targets to reducing turnover or eliminating recruitment fees, we’ll take the time to determine if Workwolf® is a good fit for your company.


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