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It’s been just over a month since we announced our invitation into Kickstart Innovation’s 2022 cohort. And finally, the time has come for Workwolf to take Zürich, Switzerland by storm. So what’re CEO Erik Simins and CRO Stephen Brennan getting up to while at Kickstart Innovation as part of the 2022 cohort? And how are they representing Canadian startups at this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity abroad? In this article, we’ll offer you a sneak peek of all that has been going on so far. And more importantly, we’ll show you why now is a better time than ever before to join the Workwolf network.

Workwolf Represents Top Canadian Startups in Innovation

As established in our press release announcing our invitation into Kickstart Innovation, over 1500 applicants were considered for this year’s cohort. Still, Kickstart only selected 42 companies world-wide to participate in this year’s program. Even more impressively, of all the Canadian startups who applied, Workwolf is the only one who made the final cut!

Although he and Stephen are jet-lagged, as expected, Erik says they are both “full of adrenaline.” In fact, the pair have already lined up one-on-one meetings with Switzerland’s largest corporations to offer “an in-person run down of Workwolf’s powerful HR tech platform.” They have also already set up seven meetings to further establish connections with leading Swiss companies, such as SwissCom, Switzerland’s biggest mobile device carrier; Coop, Switzerland’s larger grocery chain; and AXA, Switzerland’s leading insurer. What’s more, Stephen and Erik have presentations lined up for the City of Zürich and ETH Zürich University. 

Needless to say, the team is so proud to represent Canadian startups worldwide. Erik and Stephen have already seen some outstanding cases of innovative technology. And still, Kickstart considers Workwolf to be one of the top seven leading innovators in HR tech worldwide.

What Kickstart Innovation Means for Workwolf

Although Workwolf has already found success in several global innovation awards for its use of blockchain in the HR industry, this program introduces opportunities like nothing before it. Of Kickstart Innovation 2022, Erik says the following:

The program is significantly different from anything we’ve done before. The advisors partnered with all of us at Workwolf have one objective: to get commercial deals signed with the captive audience of Switzerland’s top corporates.

We have high hopes that the team will continue to impress, as it has in the past. In Paris, France, Vivatechnology 2021 awarded Workwolf with the first place prize at ManpowerGroup’s Challenge for ‘Automating Recruitment‘. In 2020, the Global Enterprise Blockchain Awards dubbed Workwolf the winner of the Innovative Entrepreneurship prize. And this year, we plan on showing all we have to offer giants in the tech world. And Kickstart is just the place to do so.

Specifically aiming to support technologies that work to solve some of humanity’s greatest problems, Kickstart is the perfect program for Workwolf. After all, Workwolf is not only solving for mis-hires in the workplace. We’re also making the hiring process more equitable and fair for various industries worldwide. With Kickstart, Workwolf will continue to improve current business practices in place and make priceless international partnerships. That way, we can continue improving the hiring process so that the workplace itself is a better place for everyone.

Why You Should Join the Workwolf Network Now

Of course, Workwolf sees a massive increase in user adoption with every evolutionary stage. So, naturally, the company is anticipating rapid and significant scale-up following our time with Kickstart Innovation.

As we continue to grow, our products and services will continue to become so disruptive, current hiring processes and programs will quickly become obsolete. This means resume readers, applicant tracking systems, and combinations of programs that aim to do what Workwolf does will become more costly with each mis-hire.

If you want to get ahead of the curve and anticipate the rapid change heading towards the HR industry, join the Workwolf network today. Click here to sign up for a free Workwolf business account and start finding candidates easier and more equitably.

You can also support the Workwolf team by following Erik and Stephen on their journey at Kickstart Innovation by following Workwolf on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn!