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Sales skills can range greatly from industry to industry. Depending on where and what you’re selling and to whom you’re selling, a job in sales can require certain skills that are exclusive to one particular job over another. Nevertheless, there still are some universal skills required in the position itself. Not everyone will be able to do what salespeople do, and having the right skills listed on your resume can show that you’re up for the task. So, what are the best sales skills for your resume? Read on to find out our top five.

How to Update Your Resume

Jobs are changing and so are the requirements for those jobs. So, unless you’re a recent graduate or are just starting out in your field, your resume may need some updating. As Megan Liscomb writes for BuzzFeed, there are some aspects of resumes that were popular back then that are no longer necessary nowadays. Both Liscomb and Senior Recruiter for Google Erica Rivera offer the following tips for updating your resume.

For one, now that remote work increasing in popularity (and maybe now that managers have realized it’s not really important), full addresses are no longer needed. Instead, the city/town you hope to work in will be sufficient. With that said, you can still request to work from home full-time or part-time. Just make sure that this is clear in your interview, or sooner if you think it may be an issue.

According to Liscomb, objective statements are no longer necessary, either. Keep things simple and instead of stating what your objective is, share what you can offer your future employer, like all the important skills you have that are necessary for thriving in sales.

Rivera also notes that “References available upon request” is a waste of space on your resume. Instead, offer at least one or two references who are comfortable vouching for you and will be ready for a phone call if a future employer wants to discuss your previous experiences. You can also bypass this potentially uncomfortable chat with your former employers by instead using a Workwolf reference check!

Lastly, avoid using “weak” verbs. For example, instead of saying you “streamlined”, “strategized”, or “implemented” certain processes in a previous job, quantify this accomplishment. By what percentage or to what degree did you succeed at bettering a company? Find out the exact numbers to show exactly how successful you were at your previous job.

5 Sales Skills to Add to Your Resume

Everyone knows by now that using the exact words the employer does in the posting shows you’re paying attention to what they want. But even if the job posting doesn’t ask for them, make sure you add the following skills to your resume if you’re looking to get into sales. After all, these are some of the most crucial skills to have as a salesperson. Just ask our Chief Revenue Officer, Stephen, who himself has been in sales for years and has learned all the ‘in’s and ‘out’s of the trade.

1. Self-management skills

Self-management is not just self-motivation, it’s also being able to self-regulate. So, if you’re able to keep yourself busy and constantly be shifting between projects or tasks that are all related to your growth and productivity, include this on your resume. More importantly, share how you manage yourself, especially when working independently from your supervisor. Do you have techniques or tools you use to consistently meet goals? Include them, too!

2. Communication skills

Communication must be important in seemingly every job, but it’s particularly important in sales. Between communicating with clients and communicating with your team, it’s the number one way the organization stays on track with its sales goals. So, if you have strong communication because of your background as a writer, your bachelor’s degree in English, or even because of your multilingualism, make sure this is on your resume!

3. Negotiation skills

Negotiation is something that many not suited for sales will struggle with. This is often because a worker won’t be very comfortable with conflict, and will be too focused on people-pleasing. But realistically, salespeople need to be able to negotiate deals and, ultimately, seal the deal on a client.

4. Interpersonal relationship building skills

Many workers may be able to make small talk with clients, but some of the best salespeople will be able to make lasting connections with clients. This may mean remembering small details of their personal lives, or even following up with clients in a way that’s meaningful and thoughtful to them. Of course, this requires a certain level of emotional intelligence to do so, as well. So, if you’ve made meaningful connections between your previous organization and lasting clients/customers, name them on your resume to demonstrate the lasting impressions you’ve made in the past.

5. Time management skills

In addition to being self-regulatory and motivating, you’ll need to show you’re good at managing your time. In jobs where you may be working independently, time management skills are absolutely crucial. So, if you have experience managing your time, share with your future employer how you manage your time to stay on-track with your goals.

Back Up Your Claims with Packfinder

Including the aforementioned skills on your resume is good to make sure the employer or applicant tracking system they use will see you have what it takes in sales. But sometimes, your competition will be just as qualified as you, and will also include all of the above. So, how can you make your resume stand out and land you an interview?

Start with proving the validity of all of the soft skills you claim to have with Packfinder.

Packfinder is Workwolf’s very own psychometric soft skills assessment created and supported by experts in career assessments. Packfinder uses your responses to a brief survey to assess where you stand in six key behavioural areas. These include your self-management, motivational profile, environmental fit, comfort with conflict, people orientation, and analytical orientation. So instead of saying you have the skills needed to succeed, show you have them!

Sign up for a Workwolf personal account and gain access to Packfinder and your Packfinder results for free. It’s as simple as that!

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