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Are you sending out resume after resume and not getting anywhere? That’s a common problem for many job seekers.

To get noticed, you need to stand out from the rest. This article gives you 10 resume tips that can give you an advantage over other applicants.

1. Get recruiters’ attention with a unique headline

Stand out to recruiters and employers from the get-go by crafting a compelling headline that describes your specific skills and achievements. For instance:

· Your $5 million sales record
· Your years of experience
· Your ability to reach targets

Include anything that sets you apart from others in your field. If you need some inspiration, check out this great article on writing resume headlines.

2. Learn from stellar examples

Base your resume on successful examples. You’ll find lots of inspiration online—there are plenty of examples of what a good resume should look like. For the most relevant information, look at examples within your field. For instance, if you’re looking for a job in the retail sector, check out this great resume from LiveCareer.

3. Avoid overused terms

Think about the words and phrases you use. Things like “a good team player” and “hard-working individual” are clichés the recruiters have heard a hundred times before. Instead, concentrate on your unique accomplishments, certifications, and work experience.

4. Use a template

Using a template saves time, especially if you’re sending out multiple applications. With this said, you should still customize each template you send out. Another tip: try to avoid Microsoft templates; since they’re so readily available, many other applicants will be using them.

For a template that truly shines, there are plenty of elements you can customize, aside from fonts and formats:

· Create columns to maximize available space
· Use infographics
· Use the company’s colours
· Create your own branding to show your creativity

5. Make it short and sweet

One of the most important resume tips is to remember that recruiters have limited time. They won’t be able to read your entire employment history.

With the average recruiter giving you just seven seconds to impress them, it’s best to only list your most recent and relevant work history. Ensure the most pertinent details are above the fold, so the potential employer can see them at first glance.

Overall, your resume should ideally be a maximum of one to two pages.

6. Tailor your resume

Have you heard the stories about jobseekers who send out hundreds of resumes and never hear back? While it’s disappointing, there’s usually a reason for it; most often, the applicant hasn’t tailored their cover letter and resume to the job.

When writing a cover letter or resume, you’ll find all the help you need in the job description. Include the keywords, fundamental skills, and qualifications the employer mentions in their posting to better customize your application.

7. Keep usernames and email addresses professional

At one point or another, we’ve probably all submitted a job application only to realize our contact details are out of date or not quite professional enough. If your email address is something like, it’s time to change it. 

The same goes for your social media profiles. If you’re using any unprofessional usernames, you’re going to want to update those, too.

8. Make sure your resume is easy to read

We understand that you want to make your resume look fancy, but some fonts don’t lend themselves well to a job application. 

Have you ever seen text on a screen and given up trying to read it because it wasn’t clear? You don’t want a recruiter to do the same with your resume. Calibri, Arial, Georgia, and Cambria will all work well. On top of that, remember to:

· Align your content to the left
· Start with your most recent or current job
· Set your font to a standard sizesee this article for more tips on fonts and sizes for resumes. 

9. Include your hobbies

Your hobbies might not seem like a vital part of the application, but they can help differentiate you from other job seekers. Perhaps you like crafting, which shows your creative side. Or maybe you practice yoga and meditation, which indicates you’re a calm individual who’s suited for a high-stress environment.

10. Add your certifications

If you have relevant certifications, be sure to include them. Begin with job-related certifications, then list any you’ve achieved by doing charitable work or through your professional memberships, if appropriate.

Get ahead of the pack

In a competitive job market, it’s critical to get a recruiter’s attention right from the start—after all, it might be all you need to score a job interview.

From eye-catching headlines and relevant qualifications to clear formatting and unique templates, every detail matters. 

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