Effortless resume verification.



Improve your hiring speed, accuracy & filtration.

Workwolf harnesses the power of over 30,000,000 completed Packfinder profiles to provide you a revolutionary predictor of performance with accuracy never seen before in HRTech.

Our customers can easily use our proven Career FIT Predictors or can go deeper and create their own benchmarks using the profiles of their top performers. By the way, this is FREE.


Get 2 for the price of 1. Pre-verify your top candidates

Not only is traditional background checking slow and painful, but companies are also left waiting days or weeks for results. Not with Workwolf. Our technology is smarter, can do the job faster and is less expensive.

Our customers, provide their 2 top candidates with Digital Work Passports at the final interview stage for the same price as one old school background check. The result is instant verification upon job offer. Zero wait time.


Winner of the Global 2020 Enterprise Blockchain Awards


The Digital Work Passport is Powerful. Very Powerful.

Our relationships over the last 15 years with HR leaders across North America have illuminated that little white lies on resumes cause companies very big problems. If we could improve the accuracy of the data on the resume, plus know the character attributes of our candidates before we hire them, we could change the course of hiring history.

The Digital Work Passport is a resume that you don’t have to question, it can be verified by you in real-time bringing truth and integrity back to the forefront of the employment market.

  • Better Data
  • Faster Time to Hire
  • More Efficient Process
  • Improved Candidate Experience

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