Effortless resume verification.



Technology that improves speed, accuracy & filtration.

Leverage our dataset of 30,000,000 professional profiles to accurately predict applicant potential to filter out personality types that don’t match your job requirements or culture. This is free. Use Workwolf’s proven benchmarking or create your own using results from your top performing employees.


Earn credits towards free Digital Work Passports.

Provide your finalist candidates with Digital Work Passports during the last phase of the interview process. Our technology pulls authentic data records directly from the institutional verifiers just like background checkers, but stores the data securely within the Digital Work Passport. The candidate manages viewer access, but cannot falsify the records.


Candidate credentials verifiable in real-time.

The candidate provides you viewer access at the time of job offer. No waiting for results like a traditional background check and the candidate is empowered with a better resume that is verifiable in real-time. The other candidates that didn’t get the job, get to keep their Digital Work Passports.

  • Better Data
  • Faster Time to Hire
  • More Efficient Process
  • Improved Candidate Experience

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