How it works —

The system behind the system.

Blockchain technology —

Secure encryption & lightning fast verification.

Using the most advanced encryption available, Workwolf handles third-party relationships so you don’t have to. Credentials are authenticated directly from third-party verifiers and aggregated into a tamper-proof user profile that cannot be falsified. Once verified, Workwolf ensures data records are held in a secure vault only accessible by the candidate and uses a permission ledger to securely manage access and track any changes. Digitally automated smart contracts grant instant access to employers only upon candidate authorization.

Hyper verification —

Unquestionable truth in candidate identity.

Using best-in-class validation and facial recognition technology, Workwolf’s takes identity seriously. Hyper verification technology and a 20-point check ensures proof of person and credential data is true for every candidate. Candidates verified by Workwolf can be trusted.

Machine learning and AI —

Instantly updated with the truth.

Eliminate the need to constantly background screen candidates again. With Workwolf it’s already done by the best background screeners in North America. Built in AI keeps records up-to-date and knows when they need to be updated or refreshed. Employers can rest assured knowing verifications are future-proof while candidates are in control to manage, refresh, build upon and securely deploy verified records for their entire career.

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