A Digital Work Passport.

What’s that?

Simply put, it’s a new standard of digital resume that’s verifiable in real-time with value never seen before in HR Technology.

Everything you’ve ever required for a background check can now be provided directly by your applicants.

  • Instant Academic, ROE, Reference, License & Criminal credential verification
  • Psychometric Profiling for ideal job & culture matching
  • No third-party delay, hassle or friction

A few of our customers

Earn credits towards free Digital Work Passports.

PRE-Clearance for trusted professionals = zero wait time for background checks

Instead of doing a background check at the offer stage, pre-clear your top candidates during interviews. Our technology makes this possible.


Eliminate Credential Fraud

Build candidate poolS LIKE Never BEFORE

60% of applicant resumes have inaccurate data that isn’t checked until a job offer. Workwolf’s platform allows trust-worthy candidates to pre-clear themselves for your company.

  • Better Data
  • Faster Time to Hire
  • More Efficient Process
  • Improved Candidate Experience

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