A Career at Workwolf

small but mighty

Our People

Join a winning team.

7 start-ups, 2 exits & 1 massive IPO

We’re engineers, gamers, entreprenuers and hip hop dancers. The path at Workwolf is never a straight line. What unites us is our ability to thrive on change, being adaptable and celebrating the diverse perspectives of our people. Together we are unleashing the power of truth.

Workwolf’s Mission

To create a new gold standard of resume, where credentials are verifiable in real-time

To empower employers and recruiters by improving the accuracy of resume data and to provide candidates an easy way to stand out in an ocean of unvalidated resumes.

How we hire

we always Start with a career fit assessment

Your next career move needs to be a great match for you and the company. Workwolf’s Packfinder will show you if a start-up is right for you.